What Are Snowboard Pants?


What are snowboard pants? This is a good question to ask because snowboard pants play a key role in keeping you warm and comfortable so that you can singularly focus on the snowboarding.

A good pair of snowboard pants is imperative for snowboarding with undivided attention. As any snowboarding aficionado knows, full focus is indispensable for fault-free snowboarding. Snowboard pants can help make it a reality by keeping you stress-free and comfortable.

Here are the features to look out for when selecting the best snowboard pants for your needs.


Most snowboarding pants have a waterproof rating that ranges from 5,000 mm to 20,000 mm. In simple words, bigger numbers mean better waterproofing. However, the cost can increase with greater waterproofing. Also, you may not need a lot of waterproofing for certain locations. Hence, the optimal waterproofing rating should balance your needs and cost.

Certain kinds of high-grade fabrics don’t have a rating since they are one of the very best, like eVent and Gore-Tex.

Seam taping is another critical factor for waterproofing.

You can choose between softshell and hardshell snowboard pants. Softshell snowboarding pants offer superior comfort and flexibility. However, hardshell pants have better waterproofing.

A lot depends on where you will be snowboarding. So if you are in relatively warm and wet places like Washington and Oregon, then be sure to get pants with a high waterproof rating coupled with fully taped seams. These will keep you safe from the wet snow.

But if you are in dry and relatively cold places such as Colorado and Utah, then you won’t need such a high waterproof rating.

Thermal Performance

Thermal insulation performance is another key factor that will play a major role in your choice of snowboarding pants. In uninsulated snowboarding pants, you have a shell lined with warm material for comfort.

If you don’t feel too cold in the legs, then you can wear your snowboard pants on top of a lighter base layer. However, if the place you are snowboarding in is way too cold, then you will have to utilize multiple layers for ample warmth.

The benefit of shell snowboard pants is that you get to wear as many or few layers as you prefer. Thus, you can vary snowboard pant thickness with weather changes. Under colder conditions, you can don more layers, while you can make do with fewer layers in warmer conditions. Shell pants are thus highly versatile and customizable.

You can also choose to buy insulated pants with a layer of warm synthetic insulating material.

Snowboard pants don’t emphasize heavy insulation since keeping legs warm is less important than keeping the torso warm. Also, pants for snowboarding need a high degree of flexibility; hence, they are not too thick. However, they are thicker as compared to skiing pants.


Gaiters are paramount for comfort and warmth. Their primary purpose is to keep the inside of your boost and your lower extremities free from the snow so that you don’t feel cold and uncomfortable.


Zippered vents are another key feature of snowboard pants. You can open these vents when you start feeling too warm. This will remove the buildup of excess heat. It will also allow the circulation of fresh air.

Vents also have a mesh lining that will keep out the snow. In some snowboard pants, zip vents run across the outer seam or the front. Some pants have full-length zippers along the side to get maximum control over ventilation.

Jacket-Pant Connection

Several brands make a connection that can link the upper part of your pants with the lower part of your jacket. By joining your pants with your jacket, you can prevent snow from infiltrating this interface. This is quite important if you will be snowboarding in deep snow.


If you like to carry plenty of stuff with you, make sure that your snowboarding pants are lined with plenty of pockets.

Lugging around a backpack is not an option when you will be executing high-flying moves on your snowboard. This is why you need pockets, especially if you like to take along a lot of gear. Besides holding snacks, you can also keep other important stowed safely in cargo pants.

Cuff Reinforcement

There is a cuff reinforcement with snowboard pants that may be made from a highly durable and stiff material. This helps to safeguard the pant from rough treatment.

Bib Or No Bib?

Bibs are a good choice if you want warmth along the back without the use of a waistband. However, do not that bibs tend to be heavier than regular snowboarding pants.

If you choose to go for a bib, then you may want one with lots of pockets if you like lugging a lot of stuff with you.

Looking for the best snowboarding pants, try Free Soldier Snowboarding Pants (ASIN: B07Y31FJYY)

These are highly versatile well-insulated, yet comfortable pants that will give you the flexibility you need to pull snowboarding maneuvers. There is so much to like about these pants.

Among its numerous superlative features is its inherent lightness. They won’t weigh you down nor restrict your range of motion. Hence, they are the ideal winter solution for avid snowboarders.

The shell is made from polyester. There is plenty of insulation and down-proof lining to provide the ultimate warmth and comfort. Diamond Quit technology has been harnessed so that the insulating fabric does not shift from its place.

These pants have excellent thermal performance and are yet breathable. They are windproof, snowproof, and weatherproof so that you can snowboard confidently without worrying about the elements.

Our Final Thoughts

As you can see, snowboard pants are quite different from skiing pants. By looking out for the key features described above, you can find the optimal snowboard pants for your needs.

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