Best Coat for Snowboarding

Best Coat for Snowboarding

When the winter season approaches, snowboarding fans start making different preparations so that they can hit the slopes when the snowfalls. They get their glossy new snowboard ready, wear snowshoes indoors to fit when needed, and keep all other necessities at hand like glasses, gloves, headgear, snow pants, and their winter jackets.

The best coats for snowboarding are highly versatile. Besides being warm, they are also windproof and moisture-proof. Apart from being durable, they also have to be light so that you can execute snowboarding maneuvers with finesse.

Let’s get to know the best coats for snowboarding:

Burton Men’s Covert Jacket Slim

ASIN: B07439GH3W

This lightweight and versatile jacket is designed to conform to your body’s contour. It is made from quality fabric that is quick-drying and breathable. The insulation material is responsible for keeping you dry and warm.

The hood can accommodate helmets and headgear designed to keep you warm. The jacket is water repellent and is sealed closely so that the elements are kept out.

There are 2 chest pockets and 2 cargo pockets (around the waist) where you can keep your stuff. There are several other pockets, such as hand-warmer, pass, and thermal pockets.

The Burton Covert Jacket has a slim silhouette. But its thinness does not get in the way of insulation. Since it is constructed from high-quality insulation, it can keep you warm despite its lightness. Hence, this jacket is highly flexible and allows you relatively free movement for your arms and torso – vital for the art of snowboarding.

So you will keep warm and cozy with this jacket even in the most frigid conditions.

Living lining material helps to evaporate moisture when you feel warm and keeps you warm under the coldest conditions.

Trailside Supply Company Winter Jacket

ASIN: B07439GH3W

This casual styled jacket gives you the protection and comfort you need in snowy conditions. It is water-resistant and wind-proof.

The close-fitting jacket is designed to keep out snowflakes, moisture and light rain. It is also aesthetically appealing and fashionable since it rocks a sleek and contemporary look.

The dual-purpose fleece lines the interior. It provides insulation and facilitates the evaporation of moisture. The jacket sports plenty of pockets to have enough storage space to keep essential items within easy reach.

This jacket can serve as an extra layer of premium insulation material for colder temperatures.

Thanks to the use of lightweight, high-performance fabrics, this jacket is flexible and versatile. It promotes free movement of the torso and arms so that you can snowboard with a panache. The soft material feels very comfortable and soothing.

Arc’teryx Cassiar Jacket Men’s


The Arc’Teryx Cassiar jacket can give you a high degree of freedom to make snowboarding maneuvers much easier. This jacket also rocks a lean and casual look. Hence it feels very trendy.

It looks great, plus it provides effective weatherproofing to keep out the elements. What’s nice is that it fits snugly.

There is a 3L Gore-Tex shell with which you can manage layering depending on the weather. Due to its high customizability, you can use this versatile jacket throughout the year.

The brand is well-known for its long-lasting winter jackets.

686 Men’s GLCR 3L Pike Hoody – Pre-Shrunk Blended Fleece


There is a lot to like about this winter jacket. It offers a relaxed fit for added comfort, it also looks stylish. This weatherproof jacket can help you to stay safe from the elements.

The casual style can make you look good and feel relaxed. You can add or remove layers of protection from the shell to feel comfortable in a wide range of winter conditions.

The water-resistant membrane keeps out the rain so that you remain dry. The membrane is designed from one-way material so that moisture can evaporate from inside this jacket.

The winter jacket sports a relaxed feel. The fabric is stretchable so that you don’t feel restricted while snowboarding. Hence, this jacket will go with you and not against you.

Features that a Snowboard Jacket Should Have

Here are the different features that your snowboard jacket should provide.


Although the fit is important, you can’t quantify it, unfortunately. This is the key feature to consider when buying a jacket for snowboarding.

You should try on the jacket to know how it feels. It should not feel too tight and restrictive, nor should it be too loose.

You should take your measurements and compare them against the jacket size chart.

Since snowboarding requires flexible movement, you want to ensure that the jacket is not restrictive.

Breathability and Waterproofing

Your jacket needs to be weatherproof. Breathability and waterproofing are two of its key facets. Weatherproofing capability depends on where you want to go for snowboarding.

If you prefer snowboarding in high mountains, then baseline waterproofing will suffice. This may be adequate for dealing with the cold and hard snow.

If you like to snowboard closer to the coast where there is plenty of wet snow and rain, then you should go for good breathability and waterproofing.

You should check specifications for breathability and waterproofing. Well-known brands such as Gore-Tex can provide you with great quality in this regard.

Thermal Performance

Insulation quality matters for snowboarding jackets. With good insulation, you can enjoy yourself more in the coldest weather.

If you are a beginner, it is better to get some level of built-in insulation. When you get better with layering insulation materials, you will then be able to make a more customized insulation system.

You can maintain 60 to 80 grams of core insulation to get a nice mix of breathability and warmth.

Our Final Thoughts

The best coats for snowboarding are what you need for the perfect winter trip. So read above for the best coats before you make your decision.

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