Best Protective Gears for Snowboarding

Snowboarding is an extreme winter sport that is exhilarating but risky. If you have decided to go snowboarding, you should be ready for slips, falls, and high-impact crashes. You can brace yourself for all sorts of hazards that will come your way by giving due regard to the best protective gear for snowboarding.

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Wrist Guards for Snowboarding


Wrist injuries are quite common in snowboarding. When you begin learning the art of snowboarding, you will fall down far more frequently. During these falls, you will instinctively use your hands to absorb the impact so the rest of your body can be safer. However, there will also be a risk of subsequent wrist injuries. And another fact to note is that wrist injuries can take a long time to heal. So if you suffer one such injury, you will have to sit out most of the season at the very least.

Hence, you must invest in a good pair of wrist guards to mitigate the impact.

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts


These are padded shorts constructed from shock-absorbing foam to reduce the force of falls on thighs, tailbone, and hips. You can be injured in these areas since they are often impacted during a slip or fall.

While you are snowboarding, you should remember to bend your knees. This is a good technique to reduce the impact of falls.

Snowboard Helmet


Helmets are necessary for many sports, and snowboarding is no exception. Since head injuries can be devastating and catastrophic, you should never go snowboarding without wearing one.

Wearing a helmet is paramount for snowboarding safety since there is a very chance that your head might hit something due to a mishap.

Whether you are an expert or a newbie, you can’t afford to take chances. Even at lower speeds, head impacts can cause terrible concussions. So always wear a helmet.

And don’t worry about discomfort. Due to sustained advancements in helmet technology, protective headgear has become lighter, tougher, well-ventilated, and stylish.

A-Plus Supply Burton Leash


A snowboarding leash is imperative for safety. If the snowboard breaks free from bindings, then this leash can keep it under control and prevent your snowboard from becoming a hazardous fast-moving projectile that could hurt others.

This piece of equipment is required under certain state rules. Ski patrols will also not bother you if you have this chord.

Minalo Outdoor Glasses


These versatile glasses are great for winter sports such as snowboarding and skiing.

It is made from ergonomic and durable materials, including polycarbonate and ABS plastic.

With UV400 specs, you can be certain that these glasses deliver the ultimate UV protection.

Anti-fog coating prevents the buildup of fog that can obstruct your view and thus potentially jeopardize your well-being. Fogging is not just a mere nuisance. It can lead to a major accident.

These glasses have a surface treatment to mitigate glare from reflective surfaces and objects.

The goggle frame is constructed from highly resilient ABS material that can resist high strain and stress levels. The material is highly rigid and resistant to shattering – vital for protecting your eyes.

You can wear these goggles on top of your prescription glasses.

These goggles are dustproof, windproof, and they are also breathable.


Make sure that you wear elbow pads and knee pads before snowboarding. These are designed from materials that can absorb shock and force of impact from falls so that your elbows and knees are subjected to less force in case of an accident. This will mitigate the risk of injury. And in case you do get injured, this protective equipment will reduce the severity of the injury.

You can feel a greater sense of confidence and reassurance with your pads on, knowing that they will keep you safer when things go wrong.

When choosing elbow and knee pads, make sure that they feel right. They should fit snugly and feel comfortable.

One thing to look out for when choosing knee pads is their level of restrictiveness. All knee and elbow pads will restrict your joint movement to some extent. However, it should not be excessive.

Back Protector

Back injuries may not be that common in snowboarding. However, that does not mean that you are immune to the risk of back injuries. There is always a first time for everything. And nothing can be counted out, especially when you talk about an extreme sport like snowboarding.

When the rare back injury transpires, it might prove to be very painful and long-lasting. A strong impact on your back can render you unable to snowboard in the future. It can also interfere with other key activities in your life.

So having a back protector is worth it for snowboarding.

Watch Out for Limitations

Safety equipment is no doubt imperative for snowboarding. However, there are also pros and cons associated with safety gear. Just about everything has some caveat, and safety gear is no exception to this rule.

For any piece of safety equipment, you should see how much it restricts your freedom and range of motion.

You should also lookout for any safety features that might be missing. For example, if your goggles are not shatter-resistant, they might splinter due to impact, and flying bits of eyewear can seriously hurt your eyes.

Our Final Thoughts

Better to be safe than sorry. By paying attention to the best protective gear for snowboarding, you can remain safer during snowboarding fests.

Wearing safety gear may not make you completely free of injuries. However, it can reduce the frequency and intensity of injuries. What’s more, they can prevent injuries from ruining the trip to your favorite winter resort.

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