Best Place to Mount a GoPro for Snowboarding

Best Place to Mount a GoPro for Snowboarding

Getting a GoPro for snowboarding may no doubt feel exhilarating and satisfying. Imagine all the cool things you can do with it. It opens up a world of fabulous opportunities. Not only will you save the action and relive the most exciting moments of your life, but you will also be able to share your nostalgia with the world – in high definition!

However, buying yourself a GoPro for snowboarding is not enough. You also need some great mounts to give excellent vantage points to your GoPro cam to capture the action from stunning perspectives. Imagine how cool your high-def snowboarding clips will look on your social media page.

So without further ado, let’s get going. Here are the best snowboarding mounts for a GoPro.

GoPro Suction Cup Mount – Official, Black


You can leverage the official suction cup mount to hoist your GoPro securely on your snowboard so that it has an intimate view of the action. This is perhaps the easiest way to mount your GoPro for breathtaking 4K clips.

Of course, this choice of positioning is not without its fair share of risks. The GoPro will be exposed to hard shocks and vibrations. So the key question is: how will it fare under such trying conditions?

The upshot of this mount is that it will provide exciting vistas to catch the action. Of course, you should know what to expect with this daring move.

The good news is that the high-performance suction mount does far more than hoist the cam. It also attenuates shocks and vibrations, which could render your video unwatchable.

You can test it a couple of times on your snowboard to get it right. Your GoPro and its mount will then be good to go.

GoPro Helmet Mount


If you want a more stable view of your boarding action, you can opt for the conventional GoPro helmet mount. This is the default way of doing things for most boarding fanatics. So you will be in good company if you choose to go this route.

A major benefit of this GoPro perspective is that your precious camera will be far safer, but vibrations will be curtailed.

GoPro mounts have a stellar reputation for delivering unmatched performance. The GoPro helmet mount is prime proof of this. This sophisticated helmet can double as an improvised gimbal. Hence, you will be able to get decent videos that aren’t marred by annoying vibrations.

You can mount the cam towards the front or the side as per your mood and style. Hence, you have 2 different options for capturing snow sports nostalgia.

It’s worth acknowledging the pivotal role of the high-performance 3M tape. The humble tape is in fact paramount for the success of the whole setup. This heavy-duty tape keeps your precious cam firmly attached so that it does not come loose and irretrievably vanish in the snow. Countless GoPro users have found to their dismay, that their GoPros have been lost to the snow all because of lousy tape. But the 3M tape is so sturdy that it won’t come loose easily. Hence, your investment will be safe.

It’s a pity to lose your investment to cheap tape. With the 3M tape, your cam is in good hands.

All this being said, one major drawback of this mount is that you cannot get a low PoV if that’s your thing.

GoPro 3 Way Tripod Mount


Holding a tripod mount in your hand can be tricky, especially when pulling all those nifty boarding stunts. However, the results may be worthwhile since you and your well-wishers will get to reminisce unmatched vistas of the action where you – the star of the show – are right at the center.

And thanks to the excellent capabilities of the GoPro gear, getting a good stable shot is not as hard as some might think. You don’t have to hold the GoPro too far out, for starters. You don’t need to extend the camera too far out with this extensible mount. This is because the wide-angle lens can take a full shot of you without being held too far away.

Since this mount has superior stability, you will get fairly stable clips.

Chest Mount – the Best for GoPro?

GoPro Chesty


There are also other GoPro mounts that you can leverage. Wrist and chest mounts may be a fine choice for mounting a GoPro cam.

In particular, a chest mount is a great option since it will empower you to make videos with fewer unwanted movements and vibrations. So if you are looking to absolutely minimize any vibration and body movement that can mar video quality, then you may want to think about a chest mount for your GoPro. The chest is comparatively stiller compared to other places like the helmet or snowboard. If you are new to all of this, you may be surprised at how much head movement occurs. So if you are not satisfied with the impact of head movements on your GoPro clips, then a chest mount may be well advised.

The chest mount may appear rather involved. However, it is effortless to use and delivers the most satisfactory video quality.

Our Final Thoughts

The mounts delineated above can securely hold your GoPro at amazing vantage points to give you a great view of the action, making breathtaking 4K clips a reality.

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