Best Backpacks for Snowboarding

Best Backpacks for Snowboarding

If you’re about to go snowboarding with your family or friends, you’ll have an excellent time. We suggest you pack all your essentials since you’ll be out in the snow. It’s better to pack all your must-haves in a safe and sturdy backpack that can allow you to carry everything while you snowboard.

When shopping for a backpack, you’ll encounter numerous options that look pretty interesting. However, you must buy one made from excellent material (one that doesn’t rip easily). Along with the material, the backpack’s size matters, too; it should be able to hold up many of your things.

Let’s look at some of the hottest backpacks of 2022 you should consider purchasing.

What to Look for in a Backpack?

When shopping for the perfect backpack, you should have some pretty specific things in mind. That includes its size, volume, material, quality, sturdiness, and price. The backpack should fit your budget; you should also make great use of it. Searching for a backpack that lasts long is a bit tricky but not at all impossible. Let’s see what traits should a suitable backpack have.


It’ll automatically get heavy when you pack your backpack with your essentials. This is why you should look for one that’s light in weight. If the backpack has its own weight, it’ll become more challenging to carry it when you add your things. Also, when you buy a lightweight backpack, try not to overpack it so much.


The material of the backpack you buy plays a considerable role. If it isn’t made from a suitable material, you might soon experience your backpack wearing out. It’s necessary to buy a backpack produced from top-notch material if you want it to last longer. Backpacks made from poor-quality material may cost you way less, but they also won’t be much helpful in the future.


The design of the backpack you go for is entirely up to you. There’s no right or wrong here, as the design preference is subjective. However, a piece of advice: try to get one with a minimal design. The simpler the design is, the more sophisticated your backpack will look. But if you have other preferences, by all means, shop for what you love!


If you’re shopping on a budget, you must get a backpack that doesn’t cost you that much. However, please don’t get a sleazy backpack because it’s too low in price. Such backpacks don’t last long and are prone to wear out. You might have to browse a lot, but once you find the right backpack that fits your budget, you’ll realize the wait was worth it.

Best Backpacks for Snowboarding

If you’re stumped regarding which backpack you should get before you go for your snowboarding trip, we’ve made your life a lot easier by compiling a list for you. Please go through each of these backpacks, and decide which of them suits you the most. Let’s explore the hottest backpacks one by one.

Dakine Team Poacher 32L (B094J52QBF)

If you’re looking for a backpack that can hold all of your things together, look no more. The Dakine Team Poacher 32L ensures all of your essentials are well taken care of. The “32L” means this bag has more capacity than you can think of, as it has numerous compartments for different belongings. It has a separate compartment for your headset and molded snow-shedding panels. You won’t regret purchasing this backpack as it’s the perfect companion for your snowboarding trip.

BCA Stash 30 (B07K1R1Y2L)

The brand BCA is well-known for making the best backpacks for snowboarding. The Stash 30 is perfectly-sized, neither too bulky nor too light. You can easily carry your safety snow gear in this backpack, including your ice axes, skis and boards, and helmet. No matter how much gear you have, expect this backpack to keep it organized and safe. So, the next time you consider going snowboarding, this backpack will make an ideal fit for your trip.

Dakine Mission Pro 18L (B09HP6TNNC)

This backpack is made explicitly for your snowboarding trip. It’s comfortable and effortless to wear, especially when you decide to take a ride on the chairlift. The Dakine Mission Pro 18L is lightweight and slim, making it easy to carry. This backpack makes for the perfect travel buddy if you’re going for a short trip. It has numerous pockets that can hold different things, helping you take all of your essentials. This bag is undoubtedly a must-buy as it has your back (get it?)

Burton Day Hiker 25L (B08NTYTMP8)

If you want a backpack that can serve you multiple purposes, the Burton Day Hiker 25L is a must-buy. You can use it perfectly well on your ski trips and, at the same time, carry it to your college campus. It has a sleek design and a goggle pocket, and other compartments that can hold numerous belongings. Since Burton is a brand well-known for making all types of accessories, you can rely on it to produce a backpack that can help you have an excellent snowboarding trip.

Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32 (B00QWIF1DK)

With this Black Diamond Dawn Patrol 32 backpack, your ski trips are now easier. This backpack is pretty efficient as it allows you to carry your axes. It also comes with numerous ropes that protect all of your belongings. The backpack’s fabric is of top-notch quality that won’t wear out anytime soon, adding a durable backpack to your collection. If you want your ski trips to be as convenient as possible, we suggest giving this incredible backpack a chance.

Jones DSCNT 19L (B081634BWF)

Lastly, the Jones DSCNT 19L is a backpack you’d undoubtedly want to add to your collection. This backpack might look smaller than others, but it can hold plenty of stuff. Don’t fall for the slimming design; the internal capacity speaks volumes. The DSCNT comes with a helmet-carrying system, along with your ice axes. If you want a backpack that can make your ski trip smooth and easy, the Jones DSCNT 19L will help you.

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