How to Tie Snowboarding Boots

How to Tie Snowboarding Boots

Snowboarding can be fun and pretty dangerous if you don’t have the appropriate snow gear. If you want to keep having fun in the snow but protect yourself simultaneously, you will have to wear boots that keep your feet warm and fuzzy. Hence, it’s crucial to invest in an excellent pair of boots.

You’ll find numerous options of boots in the market; the ones you choose should have all the qualities to protect you from the cold. Many people wear boots but often get sick from the immense cold. That’s because they don’t pack their feet tightly in those boots. You may be surprised, but there’s a way to wear and tie your snow boots.

Let us take you through some benefits of wearing boots and the steps to wear them.

Benefits of Wearing Boots in the Snow

Wearing a good pair of boots isn’t a luxury but a necessity as you need to be responsible enough to protect yourself. You don’t want to struggle from diseases like pneumonia just because you made the mistake of not purchasing the proper boots. Trust us; it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Wearing the proper boots in the snow can help you get numerous benefits. Below are some of them.

They Keep Your Feet Warm

This may sound like the most obvious benefit, but it couldn’t be more accurate. Wearing the proper boots help your feet to stay warm as they protect you from the snow. It would be best to combine them with a good pair of socks, and your feet will be safer than ever. Also, boots are made from a rigid material, which prevents your feet from getting wet.

They Provide Comfort

Snow boots may look huge and intimidating, but they provide the ultimate comfort. It’s super easy to move around, especially in the snow. They’re highly beneficial for your feet as they heal them from past injuries. If you happen to stumble upon an injury in the snow, a good pair of boots will ensure your feet don’t face more trouble as their soles comfort your heels.

They Heal Your Feet

Wearing boots in the snow will be a wise move on your part due to their healing properties. You may not have known this, but a good pair of boots keep your feet dry, and even if they become wet, wearing adequate boots will dry them in no time. So, if you haven’t yet invested in a pair of boots, it’s about time you do.

They’re a Style Statement

While wearing boots may protect your feet, another significant advantage is they complete your look. You can’t deny how cool you would look while wearing a hot pair of boots. Boots provide more grandeur to your style, not to mention how great those pictures will be. So, if you don’t want to wear them because of their apparent benefits, do it for fashion (and the gram!).

How to Tie Snowboard Boots?

There’s a proper way to tie snowboard boots if you want maximum protection for your feet. If you don’t follow these steps, your boots may not be as tight as they should be, leading you to get injuries. So, if you want to ensure your shoes keep your feet warm and dry, here are a few steps you should be following.

Step 1: Tighten Your Liner

After successfully placing your foot in the boot, you need to secure and tighten its liner. It’s crucial to put adequate pressure on the liner to tighten it, or your boot will become loose. However, be mindful that over-tightening the liner may cause your foot not to get much circulation. If you tighten the liner too much, your toes will lose all circulation, which won’t be ideal for the foot. So, to tighten it to the right amount, you may use a pull lace.

Step 2: Tighten the Laces

After tightening the liner, you need to get to the laces. You must tighten the laces properly to not trip or fall in the snow. It is wise that many people double-tie their laces to ensure they don’t fall. You may start near the toe box, then slowly work your way up to the ankle area. After you’ve tightened all laces, you may double-tie them through an extra knot (if there is any). Again, you need to apply the appropriate pressure on the laces.

Step 3: Lace-Up the Eyelets

You should get to the above-ankle part when you’ve finished tying the laces. The eyelets need to be tied tightly above the ankle to secure your foot in the boot. Some people like their boots to be too tight, while others like them loose. So, it depends on your preference, according to which you’ll apply pressure on the eyelets. If you don’t want them too tight, it’s better not to use an overhand knot to equalize the pressure.

Step 4: Double-Knot Your Laces

Lastly, you will have to double-know your boot’s laces to secure them throughout snowboarding. Many snowboarders use a standard double-knot to ensure their laces don’t come undone. It will be wise of you to double-tie your laces to prevent you from having terrible falls. You don’t want to have a bad injury just because your shoelaces weren’t tied correctly. So, it’s better to take safety measures from the very start and ensure your boots are as tight as ever.

Our Final Thoughts

If you want to have beautiful memories of your snowboarding trip, you must wear the proper boots as they’ll protect you from every possible injury in the snow. The better your snow gear is, the more protected you’ll be in the snow. However, you must purchase the proper boots for that.

Also, tightly lacing up your boots holds significant importance as if you don’t tie them properly, you’ll be prone to tripping over your undone laces, causing problems for you. Since you’ve come to have an excellent time, you must ensure your boots don’t come undone; hence, lace them up tight.

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