Best CamelBaks for Skiing

Best CamelBak for Skiing

Staying hydrated is crucial for skiers, even though most novice enthusiasts don’t realize its importance before stepping on the snowy mountains. Fortunately, it doesn’t take them long to understand that thirst has nothing to do with drinking water despite the exceptionally cold temperature.

Instead, it’s about understanding and fulfilling your body’s needs, no matter the surrounding temperatures, so you can give an optimized performance with a sharp mind. Getting the best CamelBak for skiing is a favorable option for this purpose since the brand is a pro when it comes to manufacturing quality hydration packs.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Holding a water bottle in your hand when you’ve already got skiing poles to worry about is not a choice and retrieving drinking water repeatedly from your bag is highly inconvenient. Considering that, a skiing hydration backpack with a drip-free mouthpiece can be the solution to all your problems. However, if you’re still looking for the best CamelBak product on Amazon, we have you covered.

The 5 Best CamelBaks for Skiing

In this article, we’re listing CamelBak’s five of the best hydration packs, based on high-starred ratings and excellent customer reviews, followed by a quick buying guide.

1. CamelBak Lobo Hydration Pack

The CamelBak Lobo is a fantastic choice for skiers looking for a three-liter water capacity backpack for a long trip with a guaranteed drip-free mouthpiece. This hydration pack doesn’t include BPA and PVC, which is excellent for keeping the undesired plastic taste from water that you can’t get rid of in most water reservoirs. Not to mention, the bag also includes multiple small and medium-sized pockets to pack all your small accessories, from keys and ID to gloves and goggles.


  • Durable material
  • Water-resistant fabric
  • 3-liter water bladder
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • BPA and PVC-free hydration bladder
  • Ventilated harness
  • Ergonomic handle for easier refilling
  • Multiple small pockets
  • Magnetic tube trap


  • No insulation

2. CamelBak Thermobak 71000 Hydration Pack

On the contrary, if you’re in search of a quality hydration pack that only serves the purpose of keeping you hydrated, CamelBak Thermobak could be a good choice for you. However, it’s best to remember that this backpack doesn’t even allow enough space to keep your ID or keys. But considering that you can keep these essentials in your jacket pocket or snow pants, that’s not a big deal for the most part. Plus, the bag can contain two liters of water to keep you hydrated during your alpine adventure, while the adjustable chest strap keeps the stored water from moving unnecessarily because of the snug fit.


  • Rip-stop fabric
  • Water-resistant exterior
  • 2-liter insulated water reservoir
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Dedicated U-loop on the outside for carrying ski poles or a snowboard


  • No cargo space for storing small essentials

3. CamelBak Octane 18 Multisport Hydration Pack

Our next suggestion is the CamelBak Octane 18 hydration pack, a lightweight backpack specifically manufactured to tolerate the rigors of outdoor sports, including skiing. With two liters of water capacity in its reservoir and stretchable side pockets to carry your essentials, the bag is one of the best you can get if you don’t mind spending a little over your budget. Moreover, the bag is made of a rip-free material and comes equipped with a removable sternum strap for custom fit and increased stability.


  • Rip-stop material
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable mesh exterior
  • 2-liter insulated hydration pack
  • Load-bearing hip belt
  • Removable sternum strap
  • Stretchable pockets


  • Not waterproof

4. CamelBak H.A.W.G. LR 20

The CamelBak H.A.W.G. hydration pack is another great accessory for skiers who require the most storage space with excess water capacity. Case in point, you can store three liters of water in the hydration bladder, while the bag itself has two zippered compartments to keep your snow gear organized and in one place. Plus, the bag comes with a high-visibility rain cover which keeps the water from seeping inside while allowing other skiers on the snow to locate you from afar.


  • Lightweight fabric
  • 3-liter hydration pack
  • Adjustable waist and sternum straps
  • High-visibility rain cover
  • Adequate interior organization


  • Might not be a good fit for small-build skiers

5. CamelBak ThermoBak Mil-Spec Crux Reservoir

Lastly, the ThermoBak Mil-Spec hydration pack can be your go-to accessory if you’re searching for the best CamelBak for skiing with a large water capacity. This lightweight backpack is bound to keep your alpine adventure safe and comfortable with insulated three-liter water storage and water-resistant external fabric. Moreover, while there isn’t any storage space for keeping your small essentials with you, the bag’s water bladder zippered compartment is stretchy enough to hold your gloves and goggles easily.


  • Insulated 3-liter hydration pack
  • Water-resistant material
  • Rip-free material
  • Lightweight and stable
  • Adjustable chest belt
  • BPA-free hydration bladder


  • Might need to adjust the top lid to keep the water from dripping

Features to Consider When Buying a CamelBak for Skiing

Studies suggest that skiers can sweat approximately three liters of water during their first hour of activity on the mountain. This amount of fluid loss results in fatigue and lack of concentration, especially when you don’t rehydrate for long hours. That’s why it is crucial to get the best CamelBak hydration pack for skiing and keep your alpine adventures safe and comfortable.

Below are the few features you must look out for when buying a quality hydration pack:

1. Straps and Stability

The ideal backpack for skiing fits snugly to your body and keeps the water from sloshing around. Bags with chest and sternum straps can help you with that, as these adjustable belts automatically stabilize your footing on the snow without a hassle when you move around.

2. Lightweight

When shopping for the best CamelBak for skiing, you must make sure the bag you choose is lightweight, so it doesn’t burden you with extra weight on the trip unnecessarily.

3. Insulation

An insulated water bladder can keep your water from freezing when you’re off to ski someplace where it can get extremely cold.

4. Drip-Free Mouthpiece

A drip-free mouthpiece is a necessity when you’re skiing so that you don’t get distracted due to the constant leaking of water on your shoulder.

5. Storage Capacity

While it’s not necessary to get a hydration pack that offers storage space for keeping small essentials, it’s still an attractive feature that can help you at times. If nothing else, you can use the extra compartment to store a rain cover.

Our Final Thoughts

When it comes to the best CamelBak for skiing, our top pick is the CamelBak Lobo hydration pack due to its high durability and convenient features. However, if you’re in search of a simple CamelBak and don’t require any storage space for keeping your cargo, we would suggest leaning toward the CamelBak Thermobak or ThermoBak Mil-Spec.

Ultimately, no matter which product you choose based on your preference, we would recommend keeping the reservoirs and the bag itself clean to ensure durable and efficient functionality.

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