How to Go Sledding

How to Go Sledding

Did you know? Sledding gives you an amazing workout. Speeding downhill pushes you to use certain muscle groups like your core and arms to manage and control your balance on the sled. It is the perfect occasion to gather friends and family and head into the snow for some winter fun.

Before you rush to grab your sled and sled down the nearest hill, it is important to remember that sledding comes with its risks. You must be well prepared for the perfect sled day out in the snow.

How to Go Sledding

Let’s move on to some professional tips on how to prepare for your sledding adventure:

Choose the Right Sled

There are various sizes and styles that sleds come in these days, every with its advantages. Make sure you consider the terrain you’ve chosen and the amount of snow it has. Whatever you decide, just be sure the sled is sturdy and can withhold your weight, and won’t put you at risk.


Don’t make the mistake of wearing your usual at-home layers to combat this cold. The snow can get pretty rough, along with the weather outside. Sweat and chilly winds are not a good combination. It will make you sick, and that’s the last thing you want. Sweating in the cold can increase a person’s risk of hypothermia. Layer yourself properly to avoid any such risks.

Wear Your Helmet

A winter sport helmet is a wise purchase as you can use it for multiple sports and avoid putting your head at risk. It is advised to wear a helmet at all times during sledding. If a crash or accident does happen, at least your head won’t be put at risk.

Drink that H20

Winter sports can leave you exhausted as they take a lot out of you, and sledding is no exception. It’s like a proper workout, so it’s vital to keep your body hydrated to the max not to end up feeling dehydrated or lethargic. Hypothermia sets in even faster when you’re dehydrated. Drink loads of water during the day to stay fresh and active while sledding.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Believe it or not, sunscreen or sunglasses are really important. It’s because the sun’s harmful UV rays are reflected off the snow, so it’s best to take proper care of yourself while heading off to the hills.

Now that you know all the pro tips to prepare for sledding, let’s head onto how to go sledding:

You have your sled, you’ve chosen the hill now let’s, go sledding!


Feet First

It is always better to sled down the hill feet first, as this puts you out of the danger of hurting your head. In case of any sharp obstacles, your head will remain safe from injury.

Lean Back to Slow Down

When you’re sliding down a hill and you need to slow down, you can do so by leaning back on your sled. Be careful and maintain your balance.

Use Your Heels

If you’re using a sled or a traditional sled, you can easily steer right or left by your feet. If you stick your heel softly into the snow, it can help you do so. Remember to not dig in too deep as your foot might get caught and can result in you falling off the sled.

In Case of an Emergency – Bail Out

If you are about to hit something and you can’t avoid it, you can bailout. Just cover your eyes with your arms and roll out of your sled into the soft snow. It should only be done if there’s no rush around and you’ve analyzed the area you’re about to jump in.

Staying Safe

Sled during the Day

Visibility plays an important part in sledding. From your sled to the end of the path, you should be able to see it all. Sledding during the day allows you to see clearly, which avoids many incidents from happening. It becomes extremely dangerous at night and more prone to serious accidents.

Weather Conditions

Always choose a good day to go sledding if there’s a snow storm coming; it’s; it avoids any outdoor activity. If there’s a lot of snow build up on the terrain you sled at; then it’s not ideal to go sledding that day.

Be Aware of the People around You

Avoid people and rush terrains at all costs if you’re not yet used to sledding. There are higher chances you or someone might sled into you and crash.

One Sled – One Person

You should never fill the sled with people unless the sled is designed that way. If the sled is made for one person, then make sure only one person is riding it.

Our Final Thoughts

Sledding is one of the most fun activities in the wintertime. Your sledding day should be one that you remember for the screaming, laughing, and adrenalin rush you get when sliding downhill. It shouldn’t have to be remembered for frostbites or crashes so make sure you prep well and follow all the tips mentioned above. With a little planning, your day can get so much better. Have a safe and exciting sledding adventure.

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