How to Ski Moguls

How to Ski Moguls

Just like we wish to avoid certain things in life, skiers aim to avoid moguls at all costs out on the terrain. While it may be fun for some, others find it scary and do anything to dodge it. Unfortunately, most mountains have moguls runs, so if you wish to overcome your fear of moguls, you need to learn how to ski them.

Skiing moguls is a trait of any good skier’s overall skills, but it is arguably one of the most challenging aspects of the sport. Developing the right balance and strength to ski moguls will improve your skiing to a great level and give you the confidence to ski at new and challenging places.

What are Moguls?

Each time a skier makes a turn on the field, they end up forming a slight mound in the snow. And naturally, other skiers end up sliding through the same terrain, making the mound even deeper. Similarly, when a skier skids and slams the breaks, they end up making a mound. It usually happens at the steeper parts of the slope because skiers create bumps when using breaks as skiing defense. These mounds or bumps are known as moguls.

A field full of moguls can be very unforgiving, and there’s no other way to it than to learn how to adopt different techniques to overcome them.

How to Ski Moguls

If you ski often, you are bound to come across moguls, so instead of running away from them or avoiding certain terrains that have them, it’s best to learn how to ski moguls.

Starting Small

The first and foremost thing to do is to start spending some time in the moguls – you need to be able to get comfortable with the environment.

Look for a busy area that gets a lot of sunlight so that the soft snow and all the traffic of skiers can create moguls in no time. Then, try to make the same turns as you would usually.

Time Your Turns

While practicing, make sure you keep in mind the timing. For example, make it a point to finish your turn at the top of the bump. There will be a moment when you’re at the peak where your foot will be the only thing in contact with the snow. It will be much easier to turn then.

Narrow Your Stance

The usual skiing practice is to have your legs and shoulders width apart, but you have minimum room to work with skiing moguls.

So when skiing moguls, you need to keep in mind to tighten your posture accordingly. If you fail to do so, then you might end up with one ski down.


Balance is everything, and skiing is all about achieving that balance. To help your body maintain the correct balance, make the most of poles. Keep in mind to place your poles on top of your moguls when making a turn. The poles should reach then moguls before your feet.

Be Active

Keep your legs active and use them to absorb and push any bumps that come your way. Next, extend your legs to make safe contact with the snow. By doing this, you will keep a well-balanced ski motion.

Place Your Hands In Front of You

It will help keep a balance along with distributing your weight properly. This practice will also help you to look ahead and keep your body directed towards the hill.

Moguls Skiing Practices

It is essential to find an easy and gentle slope that has smaller moguls. Then, once you get used to it, you can slowly and gradually move onto bigger and steeper mogul runs.

Before you decide to ski down a real mogul’s field, keep in mind the tips listed above. It is crucial to remember these to be safe and in control.

For Beginners: How to Ski Moguls

The trick is to turn on top of each mogul rather than between them. It is the slowest and easiest way to progress down moguls. Here are a few steps to follow for beginners:

  • When approaching a mogul, note that you have to plant your pole on top of the mogul and keep a firm grip over the bump with the help of your legs.
  • Use the slope to help control your pace or slow down.
  • Learn to turn your skis while on top of the bump along with turning around your pole.
  • Slide down on one side of the mogul while pushing your toes down to keep as much contact as you can with the snow.
  • Always look forward to ordering to spot and prepare for the next mogul.

Our Final Thoughts

Skiing moguls might be challenging and even scary for some skiers, but it is not impossible to master them. It’s all about to be keeping a winning attitude towards it. Some people learn slowly and some faster, but you must keep calm and patient if you are a first-timer. Constant practice and a positive mindset will help you spot and ski on the mogul run in no time.

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