What Socks to Wear While Skiing?

Skiing is an excellent outdoor activity, as long as you have the right gear, including socks. Read more to come across some of the best ones.

Skiing can undoubtedly be a fun trip, especially if you’re a huge fan of the cold. However, to enjoy skiing to a maximum, you must also be well-equipped to survive the snow. Many people mistake not protecting themselves with the right gear while skiing, which often gets them sick.

The suitable skiing gear includes socks too. You must buy the right socks that protect your feet from the snow while you ski. If one doesn’t, they might experience getting an illness such as pneumonia, which can have dire consequences. Considering you don’t want that, it’s about time you invest in the right pair of socks to enjoy your ski trip.

Let’s look at a few of the best socks you can wear skiing.

The Perfect Skiing Socks: What to Look for?

If you’re new to skiing, you must know there’s a difference between skiing socks and regular socks. If you plan to ski soon, you’ll have to get a pair of socks with specific characteristics. Such socks are specially made to assist people in the snow. Here are a few traits your skiing socks should have if you want more clarity.


When you go shopping for socks, you’ll find many different types. Regular socks are generally thicker and don’t wick moisture at all. That’s not what you should look for when shopping for ski gear. Your ski socks should be highly moisture-wicking and dry off quickly. If not, the cold will get to your feet, which is the opposite of ideal.


Please remember to get socks that are light in weight. Heavy socks absorb wetness, which can create an odor in your feet and increase your chances of getting a cold. You may not have known this, but the thinner your ski socks, the better. Hence, when out shopping for socks, look for the thinnest pair of socks that also happen to be lightweight.


This is rather necessary to remember. It would be best to get socks long enough to go up to your boots’ length. In other words, the longer your boots, the longer your socks. This mainly is because you don’t want your hard-material, rugged boots to rub against your skin. It may not only cause a rash but also scratches. Hence, long socks protect your skin from your boots.


When skiing, your socks need to be tight enough to slide off. Sometimes, your socks can slide off your heels with excessive movement, exposing a bit of your foot. The whole point of wearing socks is to protect your feet. So, please ensure to get tight socks, and don’t slide off easily inside your boots. If they do, you won’t be able to make adjustments, so better to get tight socks.

What Socks to Wear While Skiing?

If you’re about to ski for the first time, it’s natural to feel perplexed regarding the kind of socks you must have. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll completely ignore getting them. We want you to stay protected throughout your ski trip, so we’ve made a list of some of the best socks you must invest in. Hopefully, the list will help with your confusion. Let’s begin!

PureAthlete High-Performance Wool Ski Socks (B0178SESZE)

Many skiers have claimed these to be their favorite socks when snow skiing. These PureAthlete ski socks provide excellent quality and comfort, not to mention how moisture-wicking they are. This pair of socks manage to dry off easily, ensuring your feet are warm inside your boots. They’re made from polypropylene and merino wool, being the main reason behind their warmth. These high-performance socks don’t slide off, making them useful for a ski trip.

WeiMeet Ski Socks (B073SQZMNT)

Another pair of socks we recommend wearing during your ski trip is the WeiMeet ski socks. They’re mostly made from cotton, which is excellent as they fit right under your budget if you’re shopping on a specific limit. The fabric also contains 37% nylon which provides moisture-wicking properties. These socks are highly comfortable and flexible, managing unnecessary odor in your feet.

Darn Tough Vermont Over-the-Calf Socks (B008F11YMO)

If you’re looking for lightweight socks, these over-the-calf socks are perfect for you. They’re made from merino wool and nylon, making them at the right absorbent level. The best part about these socks is how stretchable they are. Also, no matter how much you move, they won’t slide off your feet, so you should invest in them right away. The tightness of these socks is undoubtedly their USP, not to mention how comfortable they are.

EuroSocks Skiing Socks (B07B2K1VSP)

If you easily get stinky feet after a little movement, these skiing socks by EuroSocks are the perfect solution for you. Additionally, they contain anti-microbial properties that eliminate any bacteria living on your feet while you ski. The fabric technology undoubtedly speaks for itself as they’re highly comfortable. There’s ventilation present within these socks that allow odor to go away. They sound like a pair one should invest in, no?

CEP Ski Merino Compression Socks (B07TXG5PRX)

If you experience soreness in your feet after skiing, these socks will help you feel better. The reason behind their brilliance is the compression they offer. What’s great about these socks is that they’re tight without making their wearer feel uncomfortable. They help with circulation, making them quite practical for when you’re in the snow. These compression socks wick moisture like nothing else and provide excellent comfort too.

Smartwool PhD Ski Ultralight (B07FBK6QTC)

These socks are so light in weight you’ll almost forget you have them on. The smartwool PhD Ski Ultralight socks are super breathable, fighting all the odor away from your feet. Stinky feet are a common concern for skiers as their feet are locked into warm boots for a long time until they finish skiing. Hence, these socks will come to your rescue if stinky feet are what you’re looking to avoid. When you wear light and comfortable socks while skiing, you won’t ever have a problem with your feet.

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