What to Wear Under Snowboard Pants

What to Wear Under Snowboard Pants

When you’re ready to hit the slopes, you must dress appropriately. You never want to be underdressed when you’re snowboarding as you run the risk of being cold. However, you don’t want to be overdressed because that will result in you being uncomfortable and sweaty. Apart from that, wearing the wrong layers will restrict your movement on the slopes. You need to find the perfect balance when deciding what to wear under snowboard pants.

Achieving this balance can be challenging because you must consider certain factors while making your decision, whether you’re skiing or snowboarding. If you’re at a loss and must find the answer and the solution to what you should wear under your snowboard pants, you have come to the right place. We will be discussing your options right here.

The Basics of Snowboard Pants

In general, snowboard pants are designed to be baggy, with lots of room allowed for movement when you’re on the slopes. When you’re shredding snow, you will be doing many stunts and crouching that requires extensive movement of your legs. That is where baggy pants will help, and as they are roomier, your options for what to wear under snowboard pants are also broader.

Things to Consider When Deciding What to Wear

When deciding what to wear under snowboard pants, you need to do your due diligence. There are various styles, fabrics, and features designed for specific regions and the type of activity you want to engage in. Here are some of the things you must consider:

1. Waterproof Materials

When you shop for snowboard pants, you will notice that they come with a waterproof rating typically within the range of 5,000 to 20,000 mm. The higher the numbers, the greater the water resistance offered by the pants. You want to ensure that you get waterproof materials to wear under your snowboard pants.

2. Breathability

It’s essential to keep water out when snowboarding, but you must also consider that the fabric layer you are wearing underneath your pants can disperse any sweat that builds up when you’re shredding snow on the slope. As you snowboard down the slope, you will inevitability sweat, and if it is trapped in your clothing, you’ll get wet and start feeling cold.

That’s why breathability is vital and allows you to feel comfortable and ride down the slope without any discomfort, even in summer. Any layer you wear underneath your snowboard pants must have breathable fabrics.

3. Climate

The location where you will be snowboarding must also be considered. Some areas are known for being wet and have little warmth, and you should dress according to the temperature and the weather you will experience on the slope. When wearing layers, you want a high waterproof rating and fully taped seams to deal with wet snow.

If you spend a lot of time on the slope, you want to invest in high-quality gear, which will provide you with warmth and comfort when you’re shredding snow on the slope.

4. Warmth

We’re not talking about the weather conditions, but the warmth of the pants. Most manufacturers don’t insulate their snowboard pants with a lining, which is why snowboarders often have to wear a light layer under their pants. Some even choose to wear several layers under their snowboard pants.

Ideally, you should purchase snowboard pants with insulation, but you shouldn’t worry too much about protecting your legs. You want to keep your core comfortable if you’re going to remain warm, which is why snowboard pants have less insulation than snow jackets.

5. Other Factors

You can’t just wear anything you want underneath your snowboard pants. Cotton will absorb your sweat, which means your inner layer won’t insulate and won’t keep you dry. You will have a great time snowboarding, but you will feel cold. Therefore, you should insist your base layer have the following properties:

  • Not be cotton
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Proper insulation

Even though weather conditions tend to vary, having a proper base layer ensures that you stay warm and comfortable on the slope. Even though denim may seem like an excellent choice to wear under snowboard pants, you should avoid wearing it because the material isn’t designed to allow you the flexibility of movement that you will need when snowboarding on the slope. It also has little insulation and tends to stay wet when soaked in sweat.

Choosing that Base Layer

You want to have fun and remain comfortable when snowboarding, which means you must find a base layer that is dry, comfortable, and warm. You must also account for the weather conditions, which may fluctuate and dictate what you wear under your snowboard pants. Choosing a base layer isn’t about wearing an extra thermal underneath your pants. Here’s what you must consider:

Merino Wool

Merino wool optimizes warmth and is perfect for colder temperatures. The material manages wicking sweat and is odor resistant, which means you can use it as a mid-layer to keep the cold away.


To ensure your sweat dries up and gets absorbed quickly, you should wear synthetics. The material is durable and flexible and ensures that no moisture sticks to the skin and makes you feel uncomfortable in the snow.

Our Final Thoughts

You may love snowboarding or skiing down the slope, but you must dress appropriately, even if you prefer running or walking in the snow. Throwing on your thermals and sweats won’t guarantee that you will remain warm and comfortable during your activities.

Certain fabrics can make snowboarding comfortable even in freezing temperatures, like polypropylene and polyester blends. In the end, it is all about knowing what to wear under snowboard pants.

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