Best Socks for Skiing

Best Socks for Skiing

If you’re fond of skiing, you would know the importance of the right gear and accessories for the activity. Skiing is best enjoyed when you have all the necessary equipment present with you and aren’t short on anything. Our ski and snowboarding experts have tested different skiing equipment and gear during their time and noticed a number of pros and cons in different products.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

When it comes to skiing gear, not many people understand the importance of skiing socks and other related equipment. Socks are necessary for skiing, because they do a lot more than just assist your ski boots. In fact, the right socks can provide extra insulation to protect against the cold and also safeguard you from bruises suffered due to accidents on the snow.

Most beginner level enthusiasts think all kinds of socks can work for the activity, without realizing the importance of the insulation provided by specific socks created for the purpose of skiing.

The 5 Best Socks for Skiing

In this article we mention some of the best socks for skiing. These socks have been assessed by experts in different resorts and cold locations and are fit for both genders. You will definitely feel warm in them and will also notice the impact of the protection they provide. Stick with us as we run you through your options and help you complete your skiing gear.

1. Smartwool PhD Ski Medium

If you’re a ski enthusiast looking to jump out in all cold conditions, then these Smartwool PhD Ski Medium socks are ideal for you. These ski socks are ideal for resort and backcountry skiing. They come with added cushioning under the feet and feature compression panels.

The mid weight construction is extremely durable and offers warmth and moisture management even on cold winter days. The ultra-cushioned shin safeguards your feet and provides good coverage even during times of extreme cold.

2. Fox River Telluride Medium

These Fox River Telluride Medium socks are for you if you’re hunting for socks on a budget. These socks offer decent coverage and are primarily composed out of a synthetic wool blend. The socks are comfortable and cozy for all-day wear and aren’t that tight.

The only caveat in these socks is the lack of proper insulation, due to the synthetic blend composition. The socks offer good value at their price and are affordable.

3. Smartwool PhD Pro Free Ski

The Smartwool PhD Pro Free Ski socks feature an ultra light construction that feels easy on the feet. The socks come with exceptional breathability and won’t bite against your skin if you wear them for the entire day.

The thin exterior of the socks does comes at the compromise of warmth and cushioning. However, the socks are comfortable to wear and aren’t too low on the warmth quotient.

4. Darn Tough ThermoLite OTC

These Darn Tough ThermoLite OTC ski socks are highly durable and made out of synthetic material. The exterior coverage is stuffed with ample cushioning across the footbed and the shin. These socks are for both genders and offer good breathability.

The burly construction allows for extended durability and lifetime. You can wear these socks for over 150 days of skiing and some 5 seasons in full.

5. Wigwam Sirocco

These Wigwam Sirocco socks are perfect for you, if you’re struggling with spending $20 or more on your ski socks. The socks provide good value for money and are soft in nature. The mix of wool and nylon is cozy and soft on the feet.

The medium-thickness cushioning also ensures good warmth from the cold weather. The only downside is that these socks aren’t meant for performance oriented athletes as the material does not hug your foot as it should.

Things to Consider When Buying Socks for Skiing

There are a number of factors that you should obviously consider when buying the best socks for skiing. Skiing socks are different in nature to those we wear normally, which is why you should know of the features to look for here. In this section, we study some of the factors you should consider when buying the best skiing socks.


High performance ski socks usually come at a pretty penny, hence it is necessary to decide the budget you’re willing to spend on the socks and the money you have. While all the socks in this article are known for their durability, there are other less durable socks available for less in the market.

However, the value of a ski sock isn’t solely decided by the cost they come at. It is necessary for the socks you buy to provide the best possible durability, coverage and protection at an affordable price. All the socks in this list provide good value and can be worn without breaking your bank.

Comfort and Construction

Next on the list of things you should consider are comfort and construction. Interestingly, the construction of the ski socks you buy determines the overall comfort you derive from them. Most comfortable ski socks come with strategic cushioning and compression paneling to give you the kind of protection and warmth you require. Additionally, good ski socks shouldn’t slip out of their place.


Finally, the best socks for skiing should provide warmth and keep your feet warm. You don’t want to suffer from frostbite on your feet after a tiring day of skiing. A good pair of socks would ensure exceptional warmth on your feet and keep signs of cold away.

Our Final Thoughts

The Smartwool PhD Ski Medium socks are our preferred choice for the best socks for skiing. These ski socks are ideal for resort and backcountry skiing and come with added insulation. You can read more reviews of these recommended products online to find the best pair of socks for skiing.

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