Best Type of Boots for Sledding

What Type of Boots for Sledding to Buy

Sledding is a fun activity to enjoy with friends and family. But in order to have a fun experience, you need to have the right sledding gear. By that, we mean you need to keep yourself warm to have a comfortable ride, and feet are one of the things you should especially remain cozy. A common query for people who want to begin this activity is what type of boots for sledding they should buy.

Naturally, your ordinary boots won’t cut it as you would need boots that would keep you comfortable even during sub-zero temperatures.

This guide will take you through some of the factors you should consider when buying sledding boots. But before that, in case you’re wondering if you really need sledding boots, let us tell you why you really do!

Reasons Why You Need Specific Boots for Sledding

Most people confuse boots for sledding with winter boots, but they are actually very different. For extreme winter temperatures, when you’d been out cruising through snow, you’d require a good pair of boots for sledding to ensure you don’t get frostbite or fall sick. Here are a few reasons why you need the right type of boots for sledding.

They Protect Your Feet

Boots that you use for sledding would be waterproof, which means that they will ensure your feet don’t get wet and cold during the ride. Normal boots will probably get soaked in the frozen tundra, and that could easily make you fall sick.

They Reduce Risk of Injury

Boots that are ideal for sledding will have additional features that will provide you comfort. The rigid design helps to not only protect your feet but also reduce the risk of injury, especially to your ankles.

They Reduce Fatigue

Boots that are designed for snow sports like sledding also offer protection to your legs, preventing fatigue. This comes in handy if you plan on sledding for long periods.

They Will Last Longer

If you use your normal boots for sledding, chances are, you’re going to have to buy a new pair very soon. Regular boots aren’t made to handle extreme weather conditions and might succumb to wear and tear. Boots for sledding will last you longer, making them a good investment and, of course, save you money as well.

What Type of Boots to Buy for Sledding?

We cannot stress enough that you need the right protective gear to enjoy the sledding experience. If you are wondering what type of boots for sledding you should buy, here are a few things that you should consider.


When you’re out sledding, and the cold wind is whipping your face, you need to ensure you are warm. One way to do that is by keeping your feet warm. For this, you’ll need proper boots that have high insulation, which regular boots don’t

The type of boots you should choose for sledding should have 600 grams of insulation, or even more if you feel colder than usual. You can pair these boots up with heated socks to enjoy a comfortable ride.


Surprisingly, not all winter boots are waterproof. When you’re out sledding, your boots are constantly exposed to snow, which means the moisture can seep into your feet, dropping your overall body temperature even more.

Therefore, make sure the type of boots you buy for sledding are waterproof so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of wet socks and feet, as it gives discomfort and can incur the risk of falling ill.


Boots that are made to handle snow come in different lacing styles. The best type of boots for sledding are easy to use, so you don’t have to take off your gloves to adjust them, which will otherwise hinder your overall experience.

For sledding, you might want to invest in a simple lacing system like BOA laces that crank tight and won’t open easily, which can also be dangerous. Strap style laces would also work for sledding.


You would need boots that have built-in protective elements to provide enhanced protection in extreme weather conditions. You should ideally look for boots that have the kick plate feature, so you can easily remove any snow sticking to the heel of the shoe.

Since you want maximum safety, you might even want boots that have ankle protector plates, as that area is at risk of injury during sledding.


The tread is the outer sole of the boot. For sledding, you would need boots that have an aggressive tread pattern so they can withstand the ice and snow.

You should also look for boots that have sturdy outer lugs, so they provide you with more traction on the snow. Boots with a thick outsole with a deep tread would be ideal for sports like sledding.

Shaft Height

Boots come with different shaft heights. While you may not need a high shaft on regular winter days, you would look for a high shaft in boots for sledding.

A high shaft will offer you more protection and keep your feet and ankles warm, and also reduce risk of injury.


You should also make sure that the boots you choose are made from breathable material, so your feet don’t get too suffocated. This will also ensure your feet remain dry, which is important when you’re out in cold temperature.

Our Final Thoughts

Since sledding requires you to be amidst extreme weather conditions, you’d need boots that keep your feet and ankles warm. So when we ask what type of boots for sledding to buy, the first thing to keep in mind is that they should be well-insulated and durable, so they survive freezing temperatures.

You also need an aggressive tread so that you can have more grip and stability even on slippery slow. There are many brands available in the market, so these features will help you pick the best boots for sledding.

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