How to Snowboard

How to Snowboard

There is no denying that it can be hard to learn how to snowboard, but you won’t face any problems if you get the basics right. Many people struggle to snowboard, which is because they try to overcomplicate things. Snowboarding is a wonderful pastime, and with numerous people taking up the sport, it is time we share the basics of snowboarding with you.

How to Snowboard in 5 Steps

The thrill and exhilaration of snowboard are hard to beat, which is why it is so popular today. This is our step-by-step guide on how to snowboard, which consists of detailed instructions that will help you learn snowboarding quickly. Here is what you need to know:

1. Get the Proper Gear

The first thing you need to get right is the gear and equipment for snowboarding. You will need to dress appropriately because the temperatures in which you will be snowboarding will be cold. You need to dress for the cold as you will fall a lot when learning how to snowboard. That means wearing a jacket and pants that are designed for snowboarding. You will also need thermal underwear and gloves, as well as a ski mask for those days when it is windy.

You will also require a good snowboard, and even though you can rent one, it is better to buy a new snowboard tailored to your style. You also need snowboarding boots and a pair of thick socks with moisture-wicking capability. Don’t forget to wear a helmet when snowboarding, as it not only keeps your head warm but also protects it when you fall hard on the slopes.

2. Fine-Tune Your Body and Equipment

Snowboarding is tough and hard on your body, which is why you must be prepared for the rigors of snowboarding. That will mean getting in shape by eating right and working out regularly. You will also need to determine your stance, and once you know, you can adjust your bindings to ensure your feet are correctly aligned when you’re snowboarding.

Your riding style will depend on the angle of the bindings, which is why you must get them right. You should also check if all the gear and equipment fit you perfectly not to experience any problems with them when you’re out on the slopes.

3. Get Up the Mountain

Once you arrive at the snowboarding resort, you will need to go up the mountain from where you can start practicing and fine-tuning your skills. You may have to use a chair lift to get up the mountain and enjoy the ride. Once you arrive at the top of the mountain, the fun begins, and you can start to learn how to snowboard.

Find a lift that will take you to a beginner’s slope from where you can snowboard in peace and not get in the way of more experienced snowboarders. Once you get there, you must strap into your snowboard and start your practice runs.

4. Find the Best Slope

The slopes on which you will snowboard are classified differently, and you will notice that every slope is covered in different colors. Beginner slopes will be covered in green, as they are the least dangerous, and those are the ones you will need to practice snowboarding on in the beginning. Beginners can also try their luck at blue slopes, which are a bit steeper, but you must learn the basics before moving to them.

Red slopes are for experienced snowboarders and are not only steep but also have bumps in them. Black slopes are the toughest of the lot, and you shouldn’t even be trying to attempt that if you don’t have any snowboarding experience. These slopes are steep and bumpy, making them the toughest to ride, and are not meant for amateur snowboarders.

5. Learn the Basics

Once you have found your slope and are in a position to ride it, you can begin learning how to ride a snowboard. In the beginning, you shouldn’t point your snowboard at an angle down the slope. That is a common mistake made by beginners. You should first learn how to ride sideways, and once you have mastered that, you can move towards the most difficult part of turning from side to side when riding down the slope. It can be tricky to master, but you will get it right with a bit of practice.

· How to Turn

The first thing you need to learn is how to turn your snowboard, which is a fundamental skill you must master. The movement requires you to mix both balance and technique to get right and a lot of patience. When learning to turn your snowboard, you must focus on your feet, knees, waist, and shoulders. Only when all of them are in perfect alignment will you manage to turn on your snowboard.

· How to Stop

You will also need to learn how to slow down when snowboarding on the slope. It involves the same movements as learning how to turn. However, stopping a snowboard is essentially digging your rails in the snow, and if you do it hard enough, the friction caused by you and the board will make it stop. The motion will be controlled by the amount of pressure you exert on the board from your heel and toe.

· How to Fall

When learning how to snowboard, you must also learn how to fall safely and adequately. When you’re falling on a snowboard, you will typically fall back first or chest first. In either scenario, you must keep your arms tucked into your body and maintain a flexible and low stance.

If you’re falling chest first, allow your knees to hit the ground first, followed by your forearms as that protects your head when you’re falling. If you’re falling back first, bend your knees so that you can fall on your backside and then roll onto your back safely.

Our Final Thoughts

Learning how to snowboard isn’t as difficult as some people make it out to be. If you have a passion for the sport and are willing to learn the basics, you won’t have any problems. We have shared some of the best tips and tricks on learning how to snowboard here. Follow these, and you won’t have any problems mastering snowboarding and shredding some powder on the slopes with your friends.

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