Best Face Masks for Snowboarding

Best Face Masks for Snowboarding

Since the Global Pandemic has emerged, wearing a face mask has become a requirement at many ski resorts. This wasn’t the case before, but skiers and snowboarders have to cooperate with the rules if they wish to continue their snowboarding without any inconvenience.

Luckily, numerous face masks are out there to choose from, helping you protect your face from the wind, sun, cold, and COVID-19. If you’ve never snowboarded with a face mask before, you should know it’s somewhat necessary (especially now more than ever).

We’ve made a list for you to know which face mask is the best to wear while snowboarding.

The Best Face Masks for Snowboarding

Before starting, we’d like you to know that you must wear a face mask while snowboarding. It’s necessary to protect yourself from injuries as snowboarding can be dangerous (especially if you’re a beginner). If you fall and land flat on your face, your face must be protected. Since we don’t want you to hurt your faces, we’ve created a list to help you come across some of the best face masks.

BUFF Multifunctional Headwear (B08228KSSF)

The best thing about this headwear is its versatility. You can wear it during summer when you go hiking, and even in winter during snowboarding. This headwear by BUFF will protect your face from any external variables, no matter the season. This headwear happens to be super stretchable, so you don’t have to worry about it fitting your face. No matter how big or small your face is, BUFF ensures to protect you regardless. This headwear is made from 100% synthetic material, making it durable.

BlackStrap Dual Layer Tube (B00AA9WJGO)

This face mask by BlackStrap makes it to our list of the best face masks because of its budget-friendly price. If you’re looking for a face mask that doesn’t cost you too much but gets the job done of protecting your face, the Dual Layer Tube by BlackStrap is the one for you. It has excellent moisture-wicking qualities, allowing it to be super breathable too. The technical fabric used in making this face mask makes it highly functional and the best to use when out in the snow.

Lightweight Merino Wool BUFF (B009VU2TQI)

BUFF is the brand to go to if you’re looking for the best winter accessories. It has managed to carve a niche as frequent skiers and snowboarders often go for BUFF’s products to enjoy their time in the snow. The lightweight merino wool is naturally antimicrobial, eliminating stench away from the mask. This face mask does an excellent job of keeping your face warm, not to mention how breathable it is. The texture of this face mask is super soft (due to the wool) and allows you to stay protected for a long time.

Smartwool Neck Gaiter (B07CLD1941)

This face covering is warmer than other face coverings, making it a pretty handy headgear for your snowboarding trip. This neck gaiter gets rid of moisture and allows its wearer to breathe properly. If you want to feel cozy when out in the snow, this neck gaiter will help you like nothing else. The merino wool fabric contributes to its softness and coziness, making it super durable. So, if you’re in the market for long-lasting face masks that aid you on your snowboarding trip, you know which one to get.

Columbia Titanium II Balaclava (B07XCYDLGC)

This headgear is made from complete polyester and is an excellent headgear to invest in if you’re looking for something that offers extra warmth. The Titanium II Balaclava by Columbia is highly moisture-wicking while also repelling against the snow. Its moisture-wicking feature is due to the fabric it’s made from, Omni-Shield Technology. Many skiers prefer having this headgear with them while skiing. However, if the extra warmth is something you don’t want, you can always get the other version with a lighter neck gaiter.

Phunkshun Convertible Ballerclava (B08QKMZRL3)

Why does this face mask make it to our list of the best face masks? Well, because of its versatility. It acts as an excellent protection measure when you’re out in the snow, and it’s also pretty adjustable in use. You can move the bottom half of the mask over your head if you want to feel some win or drink a beverage. Another reason this face mask is great to have is because of the design. This face mask’s colorful tie and dye feel give its wearers a super cool look. It’s pretty affordable to buy, and the fabric’s quite top-notch.

Anon MFI Face Mask (B08SSCH922)

If comfort is your number one priority, you should undoubtedly go for this MFI face mask by Anon. Anon gives skiers a choice between different types of face masks. It offers lightweight, midweight, and wool fabric face masks, giving skiers a choice. Anon doesn’t compromise on the quality, so this face mask is so comfortable to wear. The adjustability of this face mask is unmatched as it fits right on your face, aligning it with your ski goggles. This makes this MFI face mask quite seamless.

BlackStrap The Hood Balaclava Face Mask (B0143CJR5O)

Remember BlackStrap? They’re back with yet another excellent face mask. However, this face mask provides more warmth as it’s way thicker than other masks. It also has SPF 50, which offers significant protection from the sun. One thing that sets this face mask apart from others is the four-way stretch fabric. The fabric is the reason behind its sun-protection feature. Hence, if the weather is too cold, The Hood Balaclava is the best face mask you can get to ensure your snowboarding trip is a success!

Oyuki Proclava (B019F18TX4)

This face mask is made from 85% polyester and 15% spandex, making this garment practical in the snow. It covers the whole face and protects it from the wind. At the same time, it ensures not to make your face sweat if the day is too warm. Basically, this face mask offers a perfect balance, making it suitable to wear on a wintery and a warm day. It’s quite adjustable, and the light colors make this face mask a style statement.

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