What are the Best Snowboard Brands?

What Are The Best Snowboard Brands

Snowboarding is one such adventurous sport that you can enjoy alone, with friends, or with family. Along with giving you an escape to a winter wonderland, it allows you to immerse yourself in an adrenaline rush of sliding the slopes.

We all love to go shopping, and some of our ride or die essentials are ones that we shop from only trusted brands. Many brands are offering different types of snowboards and their accompanying sports accessories at varying prices.

But, let’s be honest, brands matter a lot in our buying decisions in today’s world. Branding and advertising are like the cornerstones of a customer’s trust and loyalty. Not to mention that we all want our snowboards to be of premium quality, long-lasting, and giving you the best riding experience that is worth your money.

The 4 Best Snowboard Brands

So we’re here with a beginner’s guide to the best snowboard brands out there to ensure that you can get your perfect match for snowboarding.


We all know that Burton is a household name, and the reason is that their snowboards are easy to use. They are made of premium quality and can be used by beginners to advanced riders. This brand Is famous for integrating cutting-edge features and the latest technology into their snowboards. They are famous for incorporating different graphics and generating the largest snowboard collection for both adults and kids.

As a brand, you might be interested in knowing that they have collaborated with famous Jamaican singer Bob Marley and expert snowboarder Shawn White to create limited edition pieces.


  • Premium quality snowboards
  • Have rider tested snowboards
  • Easy to Use
  • Advanced cutting-edge features suitable for the terrain you want to ride
  • Different graphics
  • Widest collection for both adults and kids.


  • The price point is higher than others
  • Limited edition pieces can get sold out fast


Despite having a giant like Burton as a competitor, this brand emerged in 1995 in the production of skis. It was only years later that they moved to sell snowboards. This brand is famous for making splitboards. Splitboards are snowboards that can be separated into two.

They are perfect if you love to go on long backcountry tours or mountaineering. It is also a suitable option for people that prefer climbing skins to reach the slopes. The brand specializes in even creating splitboards that can divide into four and incorporate ‘plum’ hooks that will assemble the splitboard without causing any damage.


  • Premium quality snowboards
  • Specializes in making splitboards
  • Plum hooks technology


  • It only makes splitboards


Like Salomon, Arbor was also launched in 1995. This is a brand committed to high craftsmanship and being environmentally friendly in producing some of the best snowboards. Hence, this brand is considered one of the first to produce snowboards that have taken care of their environmental footprint.

As a result, they have used wood veneer to replace plastic tops while working towards recyclable plastic and bamboo. Most of their snowboards are hand-crafted, so you can be sure that a lot of effort has gone into the production of each board.


  • Premium hand-crafted quality snowboards
  • Recyclable and sustainable
  • Made with Hawaiian Koa wood top
  • Powerply design for rocker and cambric system


  • Snowboards aren’t that long-lasting


Founded in 2010, this is a relatively new brand that has quickly taken the world of snowboarding by storm. The brand took little to no time to give its older competitors a tough time. This brand was founded by Jeremy Jones, one of the founders of snowboarding known for big-mountain free-riding. The brand is also supportive of climate change and actively advocates for it. They specialize in selling all-mountain snowboards.

The brand is also associated with a non-profit organization by the name of Protect Our Winters. The focus is on bringing a voice to the outdoor sports community, particularly for snow-based sports affected by climate change.

What is also interesting about this brand is that they make every effort to help their potential customers. From the moment you visit their website, they will be guiding you towards choosing the perfect board by educating you between a ‘daily driver’ and a ‘quiver board.’ This brand is specifically suited for people who want to actively voice for the lack of snow and who have trouble understanding the difference between snowboards.


  • All-mountain snowboard available
  • Brand’s focus is on advocating for climate change
  • Association with the NGO Protect Our Winters
  • Helpful about explaining the difference between boards


  • A recent brand that has emerged in the last decade
  • Some boards might have a weak base

Things to Keep in Mind About A Snowboard Brand

With all said and done about the 4 brands, it is important to note things to keep in mind when shopping from a snowboard brand. In today’s world, value is as important as a brand’s image and message. Premium quality snowboards are essential because they are an investment that you are making. In addition, you are relying on the durability of that snowboard to help you ride those slopes or backcountry journeys.

Other than durability and quality, the brand should also be focused on having snowboards that are waterproof to damage, focusing on sustainability. In today’s world, being aware of just climate change is not enough. Brands that are focused on sourcing sustainable materials and recycling are the future.

Our Final Thoughts

Buying a snowboard can be as easy as a breeze or as difficult as investing in a laptop. Either way, we’d recommend looking beyond a brand’s name and examine the quality of snowboards and the features that they include in their latest release.

Let us know what you think are the best snowboard brands.

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