What is Sledding?

What Is Sledding

Know what a perfect snow day calls for? Sledding! No matter what your age is, snow sledding is one winter activity that gets everyone excited on the inside. Sledding is a favorite pastime and a traditional way to make the most of your winters.

There’s nothing that gets you giggling and laughing hysterically as you slide down a hill on your favorite sled. The sense of freedom you get through sledding is unmatchable.

What is Sledding?

Sledding is simply the act of traveling or sliding downhill over smooth snow or on a sledge. It is the most fun and easy-going snow activity that requires only a sled and a sledge.

However, it is essential to remember that sledding can be dangerous as you have no protection and are gliding across the snow with immense force wearing only your basic winter clothes. It is always advised to wear proper winter gear when you go sledding. A helmet is a must so that if a crash does happen or you fall of the sled, there are lesser chances of an injury.

How to Pick the Right Sled?

If you’re an adult who wants to experience winter fun all over again, then you probably might not have a sled lying around the house. As you grow older, you can’t work with the same sleds kids use; you need something more robust. So it is best to purchase one or borrow one from someone who does sledding more often.

On the other hand, if you’re a child, there are so many options to choose from. Gone are the days when kids used to sled on wooden and metal sleds. Nowadays, kids are using sleds made of durable plastic, flexible metal etc. Sleds like a toboggan, foam sliders, saucers, snow scooters, snow tubes metal runners are all trendy.

Plastic sleds are preferred more over other sleds because they are suitable for both rough and smooth terrain. Thanks to the lightweight, you can control them easily and ride them across the snow without suffering any damage. They are pocket friendly and straightforward to carry around.

However, the sleds chosen should not be something inflatable or made of foam as they are prone to popping on the first go. Make sure to go for something that is sturdy and will not break down midway.

Choose the Perfect Slope

If you wish to have a good memory of the perfect winter sled day, it’s best to choose the right hill. Nevertheless, you must keep in mind that all slopes are not the same. Most are prone to having rocks, bumps, and even trees, which can cause some severe damage to your sled and you. So you have to be careful when deciding where to enjoy this activity.

Choose a steep enough hill to help you get that perfect slide but not too steep as that might be dangerous for you and would be difficult to control. If the snow is packed, you’re more likely to go faster, and that is not a good decision, especially if you have kids with you or sledding for the first time.

Look For a Snow Park

There are numerous parks out there that are made especially for kids and teenagers to snow tube and get their way around it. These parks are designed to keep safety in mind. A snow-tube operator can control how many sledders can zip down the hill, which lessens the risk of injury. This is a great way to get over your fear of sledding and get accustomed to it as well.

Indulge Your Friends

The real fun begins when all your best buddies are with you, experiencing the joy. How fun would it be to laugh and scream at the top of your lungs with your best pals? And you know what they say; the more, the merrier! Sledding is the perfect way to create unforgettable memories.

Safety over Everything Else

Sledding injuries are no joke; you can end up hurting yourself pretty bad if you don’t consider safety. Here are key safety tips to follow:

Wear Your Best Winter Gear

The warmer and safer you dress, the more you’ll enjoy. It’s no secret that you need to keep warm as the cold can get to you. Layering will protect you from getting frostbite. Wearing your best gear like snow boots, gloves, thick padded jackets will help you outside.

Wear a Helmet

This goes without saying. Head injuries are the worst, and you don’t want to ruin your winter fun by spending your remaining time at the hospital.

Choose a Sturdy Sled

Sled plays an important role, so choose it wisely and don’t fall for fancy looking sleds. Instead, pick one that will last and preferably saves you from falling.

Pick a Safe Slope

As mentioned earlier, don’t be fooled by steep slopes. They are dangerous and are more likely to get you injured.

Sled Feet First

Don’t go head in because if you hit an object, you’ll end up hitting your head if you’re not wearing a helmet. So it’s always better to go feet first as your boots can combat the hit.

Our Final Thoughts

Sledding is one of the most fun and exciting snow activity to take part in. It brings out the inner child in you. And you forget about the worries and stresses of the world. If you haven’t indulged in it yet, you’re missing out. So, what are you waiting for?

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