Best Impact Shorts for Snowboarding

Best Impact Shorts for Snowboarding

If you’re a snow baby, you’ll know that one can never escape falling on their butt; it’s almost inevitable. No matter how excellent you are on a snowboard, you might fall on your bum at some point. While you won’t cause great harm to your behind as it’s a minor fall, it’s still better to have some protective gear in that area.

We’re talking about impact shorts here. Like a helmet protects your face, impact shorts are here to look out for your behind. Impact shorts come incredibly padded, so they automatically reduce any damages that can incur. If you frequently go out in the snow, you would already know how necessary it is to invest in the right impact shorts.

Let’s look at a few pairs to help you protect your bum in the snow.

Best Impact Shorts for Snowboarding

If you’re about to go on your next snowboarding trip, we must tell you about the importance of shopping for the right equipment. You need to be fully equipped in the snow to protect yourself from harm. That includes shopping for the best impact shorts that can help you protect your hips and tailbone from any minor damage. Let’s look at a few impact shorts that one must own in 2022.

Bodyprox Protective Padded Shorts (B07KJTQ2RX)

These impact shorts do a wonderful job of protecting the hips and thighs. The best feature of these protective padded shorts by Bodyprox is the foam cushions. So, even if you’re about to get on a snowboard for the first time, you won’t get familiar with much pain due to these padded shorts. In addition, these shorts are super breathable so that you won’t feel any tightness down there. If protecting yourself is your priority, you should undoubtedly invest in these shorts.

Burton Men’s Total Impact Shorts (B010Q19WTM)

These comfortable yet protective impact shorts do not restrict your movement, making them quite the pair of shorts to invest in. They use Burton’s G-Form technology that allows them to stiffen upon impact. This means that when you fall on the snow, these padded shorts will automatically activate to protect your behind from harm. They’re pretty soft when you touch them and excellent at absorbing any impact. Hence, these impact shorts by Burton are a must-have for everyone who loves getting on a snowboard.

Demon Snow SKINNS Impact Short (B002TZX8W6)

These shorts are super lightweight, making you forget you’re even wearing them. They provide excellent protection down the waist below without making you feel too packaged. This will help you move more freely in the snow. These impact shorts have incorporated thermo-formed padding that adjusts to the mold of your hips just as you wear them. Another reason to buy these shorts is the moisture-wicking feature it has. If you want to feel comfortable when you’re on your snowboard, these shorts will help you do so.

POC, Hip VPD 2.0 Shorts (B006L1QIA8)

These impact shorts by POC offer the most protection and comfort you can get. The technology used to make these shorts automatically adjust to the shape of the wearer’s body, making them super useful. Doesn’t matter what the size of your body is; as long as you have these impact shorts on, you will always be protected in the snow. Also, the material of these shorts automatically stiffens when you fall on the snow, making them an excellent pair of shorts. Please consider buying them if you want to protect yourself from any falls.

G-Form Women’s Pro-X Padded Compression Shorts (B0107E7IOO)

These shorts are specifically made to fit a woman’s body type. These Pro-X Compression Shorts have enough padding to protect all women out there who have a love for snowboarding. So, if you’ve previously injured yourself in the snow, don’t worry, as this time will be different. These impact shorts ensure you stay protected, and even if you fall, you won’t feel a thing. So, it would be best if you went for these impact shorts as they make your snowboarding experience seem like a dream.

Burton Women’s Total Impact Shorts (B010Q19PLC)

These impact shorts manage to protect their wearers when they’re in the snow. They have a lot of padding but don’t restrict you from moving around freely. Perhaps, that’s the most wonderful aspect of these shorts. They fit right under your snow pants without feeling like you’re wearing something padded underneath. These impact shorts by Burton have incredible impact-absorbing qualities, making this pair of shorts a must-have. Hence, you must consider investing in them.

Burton Luna Shorts (B010HWINIQ)

If too much padding bothers you and makes it inconvenient for you to move around, Burton has a solution for you. These Luna Shorts by Burton use the same padding technology but are way slimmer than the other versions. This makes it easy for those who felt tightness under their snow pants. These slim impact shorts have the same qualities, with the only difference being the amount of the cloth used to make them. However, please note they may not be as effective in protecting as thick shorts are. But they’re undoubtedly a must-have for casual skiers who don’t go out in the snow much.

Triple 8 Bumsaver Padded Shorts (B004IUNFLO)

If you don’t mind having a bulky, puffier look when going in the snow, these impact shorts are certainly for you. These Bumsaver Padded Shorts have a bulkier foam, which helps in providing the utmost protection to your bum. We mean, they’re called Bumsavers for a reason. Are they any good if they don’t provide maximum padding to protect your bum? Luckily, these shorts offer substantial protection, thanks to the ample padding. If you’re okay with looking puffier, these shorts aren’t bad for you.

Our Final Thoughts

If you love going in the snow, it’ll help if you know how to protect yourself better. Please get one of the impact shorts mentioned above to ensure you never have a bad fall. The more protected you are down there, the more you’ll enjoy in the snow (even if you fall). Happy snowboarding!

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