Best Heated Socks for Skiing

Best Heated Socks for Skiing

Heated socks are perhaps the most crucial but overlooked accessory for skiing. Warm feet actually help your body regulate the temperature because they open up the blood vessels in your body, allowing blood to flow more efficiently. As a result, your body is able to redistribute heat easily.

Heated socks work by an internal heating system that runs on electricity and keeps your feet extra warm and cozy when you are out skiing in the snow. Although more expensive than the traditional socks, heated socks are absolutely essential for skiing because they also keep you dry and comfortable.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

The 5 Best Heated Socks for Skiing

In this article, we have listed the best-heated socks for skiing that are available today. Let’s take a look at them, shall we?

1. Begleri Winter Heated Socks

Begleri Winter Heated Socks are an exceptional option that offers both functionality and comfort. They are made from a high-quality combed cotton that makes they extremely breathable and water-resistant. They come in a perfect snug fit that makes them ideal for skiing and snowboarding.

Moreover, they offer a great battery life of a whopping 19 hours long! This is the longest that any of the socks mentioned in this list offer. They literally take 10 seconds to heat up your feet. Therefore, you can rest assured that you are sorted for the day! What’s more, they come with an incredible 2-year warranty.


  • 19 hours battery life.
  • Less than 10 seconds heating time.
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Great comfort and water resistance.
  • Best for extreme conditions.


  • Only come in one size.

2. Lenz Heated Socks 5.0

Lenz Heated Socks 5.0 by Lenz are one of the most high-end, popular, and expensive heated socks in the market today. These extremely functional socks have all the features you can dream of! They allow you to control the heat using your phone, offer a whopping 14-hour long heating time and are made from premium merino wool that offers great warmth and comfort combined with breathability.

Lenz socks are sure to keep your feet warm and dry and can last you an entire ski trip without malfunctioning. Pair them up with a sturdy pair of boots and you won’t have to think twice about keeping your feet warm. But do note that your battery will burn faster if you have set the settings too high.


  • A durable option.
  • High-end product with great features.
  • Heat setting scan be controlled by using a phone.
  • Made from high-quality merino wool.
  • Breathable and moisture wicking.
  • Long battery life.


  • Too expensive.
  • Battery life shortens with high heat settings.

3. Hotronic XLP One Heated Socks

Hotronic XLP One Heated Socks are manufactured by Hotronic, another premium brand for heated footwear. Their XLP One heated socks are one of the best options available today as they are specifically made for skiing and snowboarding. They are durable, specialized for action sports and designed to keep you warm in extreme conditions while keeping moisture at bay.

The XLP One socks are made from spandex and nylon, making them thin enough to fit in any boots. These socks are double cuffed to ensure that the battery pack stays firm when you are moving on the slopes. However, they are sold separately from the battery packs and are expensive.


  • Durable and lightweight.
  • Premium materials.
  • Specialized for action sports.
  • Great return policy.


  • Not good at wicking away the moisture.
  • Battery pack and socks are sold separately.

4. PBOX Heated Socks

PBOX Heated Socks are a great option for you if you are looking for an all-day warmth. They come with a pair of 5000mAh batteries that will keep your feet heated for a whopping 18 hours! They come with a convenience button in the battery pocket and have four temperature regulations to adjust the settings.

The best part? You can even recharge them using a power bank in the rare case that you run out of battery. The PBOX socks are also extremely lightweight, allowing you to move freely. They should be your go-to option if you are going snowboarding or skiing.


  • Three adjustable temperature levels and 4 warmth levels.
  • Can be charged using a power bank.
  • Extremely long lasting for up to 18 hours.


  • Come in a tight fit.

5. Autocastle Rechargeable Heated Socks

Autocastle Rechargeable Heated Socks make sure your feet stay warm, dry, and heated in the snow. They are the best at wicking away the moisture and preventing odors. They are constructed from cotton, polyester and spandex that are great for water resistance. The Autocastle socks offer three levels of heat that you can adjust any time you want. The build-quality is amazing. High-quality stitching allows them to retain the heat. These socks also have padded heels so that you stay comfortable all day long.


  • Great build quality.
  • Snug fit.
  • Long battery life.
  • Padded heels.


  • Not as hot as they advertise them to be.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Heated Socks for Skiing

Here’s what you should consider when buying heated socks for skiing:


Don’t end up buying socks that are too warm because your feet can get all sweaty when on the mountains. Remember, you will be moving constantly, and your feet will perspire, making your socks wet. Therefore, opt for the socks that are not too warm for your feet.

Battery Life

What’s the point of buying heated socks if your battery runes out after a few hours? When buying anything that comes with a battery, make sure that you consider the battery life and see whether it will last you enough. Heated socks that come with a great battery life can have bulky battery packs. Make sure that the socks you buy are a perfect balance between the battery life and their weight.


We know how attractive the idea of ‘thick socks’ feels like. But what if you end up buying a pair of socks that are too thick to fit in your boots? When buying heated socks for skiing, make sure you don’t end up buying socks that are too thick. Your socks should be thin enough to fit in your boots.

Our Final Thoughts

After comparing all the options mentioned above, our top choice for the best heated socks for skiing have to be the Begleri Winter Heated Socks. These socks offer the longest battery life (19 hours) and come with great functionality considering their price.

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