What to Wear Sledding

What to Wear Sledding

When the winter season finally arrives, that is when you start getting all excited about all the fun you get to have in the snow. Whether you’re a child or an adult, the experience of sledding in the snow is one that everyone wants to experience during the winter. However, you need to know what to wear sledding, as you don’t want to catch a cold or suffer from hypothermia.

What to Wear Sledding

Dressing appropriately for sledding is recommended because you won’t enjoy sledding for long if you are wet and cold from the snow and the cold winds. That is why we have prepared this guide on what to wear sledding for you. It will encompass everything, including the three layers you should wear to protect yourself from the wet snow and cold winter winds. Here is everything that you need to know about what to wear sledding:

Covering Your Head

You must dress in at least three layers of clothes for winter sledding, and once you’ve done that, you shouldn’t feel the extreme temperature. However, you also need to cover your head appropriately, which means investing in headwear, a pair of goggles, and a helmet.


The best way to keep your head warm when you’re sledding is to wear knit hats, as they will ensure you don’t feel the cold winter winds on your head. Your body can lose a lot of heat through the head, and if it isn’t covered, you will start feeling cold no matter how nicely you have layered.


Apart from the headwear, you should always wear helmets when going sledding. Research has shown that nearly 30% of children are hospitalized following a sledding injury and suffered head injuries like brain damage, concussions, and even comas. You must protect your head from any damage when sledding, and a helmet guarantees 85% protection from head injuries.


You need to ensure that you and your kids wear snow-appropriate sunglasses or goggles when you’re going sledding. That is to protect yourself from the UV rays reflected off the snow surface. Overexposure to harmful UV rays may even result in a condition known as snow blindness. Therefore, always wear sunglasses and goggles when going out to play in the snow.

Covering Your Fingers and Toes

Everyone has picked up snow with their bare hands and felt the cold grip them. Snow is wet but cold as well, and you need to protect yourself from a condition called frostbite. You must protect your fingers and toes by covering them appropriately. Here is what you should wear:


When you want to protect your hands from the cold and keep them warm, gloves and mittens are the best things to wear. They work best if they are lined with fleece or synthetic insulation. Don’t wear cotton gloves in the snow because they can quickly get wet. Wear thick gloves when you’re going sledding because, at times, you may need your hands to slow you down when going downhill.

Woolen Socks

Don’t wear cotton socks in the winter when going sledding as they will get wet. Your best bet would be to wear thick woolen socks with moisture-wicking capabilities so that your feet don’t get wet. Having wet feet when you’re sledding will be just as cold as wearing no socks at all, which defeats the purpose. So invest in a good pair of woolen socks.

Snow Boots

Don’t wear your regular sneakers and shoes when going sledding in the snow. You want to wear snow boots designed to withstand the snow and not get damaged or wet. Good quality snow boots are waterproof and will keep your feet and toes warm throughout the day. You don’t want wet feet when sledding as they can quickly become cold feet and ruin all your fun.

Accessories to Wear When Sledding

Apart from the essentials you should wear when going sledding, you should be aware of a couple of extras. They will make your sledding experience a comfortable one by keeping you warm in the snow. Here are some of them:


Scarves may only be considered an accessory by some people to look fashionable, but they serve an essential purpose by keeping you warm in the snow as well. You can wear scarves to not only bring your outfit to life but ensure that you don’t feel cold at all, no matter how harsh the wind is blowing. Wear a woolen scarf that will protect your neck and ensure no air gets to you when sledding downhill.

Fanny Pack

You may not want to be caught wearing a fanny pack when you’re going sledding, but they have become fashionable over the years. The reason for that is they provide you with the best solution for keeping your phone, wallet, and keys securely when you go sledding. You don’t have to return home from a fun day of sledding to find out that you lost your smartphone or your wallet out in the snow. There are various types available in the market, and you can find one that compliments you.

Our Final Thoughts

You want to be dressed appropriately when you go sledding in the snow, and that is why it is vital to know what to wear sledding. We have shared the essential clothing you should be wearing apart from the different layers you will cover yourself in.

At the end of the day, you want to have fun in the snow and go sledding with your friends and family. Wearing appropriate clothing will ensure that you have a wonderful sledding experience and don’t feel cold in the snow.

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