What to Use for Sledding

What to Use for Sledding

When the winter season arrives, most people may not appreciate the fact that they must wear three layers of clothing. However, the winter season means lots of snow for most people, translating to one of the most epic activities that adults and children love: sledding. It is a favorite pastime during winter, and when the first snowfall happens, you often find yourself asking what to use for sledding this time around.

Even though various types of sleds are designed for use on various terrains available in the market, some people don’t want to spend money on sleds. There are plenty of household items that can be used as makeshift sleds as well. We will cover all the options available to you when sledding season arrives in this article.

Different Types of Snow Sleds

Snow sleds have evolved from when people used metal and wooden sleds to race down sledding hills and slopes. Nowadays, sleds come in different shapes and sizes and are constructed from different materials. That can make it confusing for some people to figure out what to use for sledding. We will cover the different types of snow sleds, which include the following:


These sleds are made from small wooden slats and feature a curved front side. Toboggans are extremely popular snow sleds as they are extremely fast over the snow, and you can control them easily by shifting your weight from side to side. These sleds are made from plastic and can be inflatable as well. Some larger models are suited for use by multiple people at the same time.


These are the classic snow sleds that most people think about when it comes to sledding. Sledges typically come in two types; the larger sledges can accommodate several people and are pulled by animals like dogs or horses. However, the smaller sledges are ideal for sledding and are typically made from wood. They can seat one or two people at the same time.


You can easily recognize a saucer from its construction and shape. It is typically made from metal or plastic and is a type of sled that can reach extraordinary speeds in the right conditions. They are circular and are designed to be used by a single person. However, controlling sauces is extremely difficult, which is why they aren’t ideal for use on rough slopes or terrains.

Snow Tubes

One of the most popular types of sleds that are used today is known as snow tubes. They are inflatable and are comfortable for the person while going at extreme speeds down the slope. They are shaped like a donut and have elevated edges that provide more stability on the slope. There are also snow tubes in the shape of a toboggan. When choosing a snow tube, ensure that you buy one with side handles that allow you to grip them and not fall off when going downhill.

Snow Scooters

The best part about snow scooters is that they are a sled that can be used while standing. It is essentially a snowboard with a steering handle and is designed like a scooter without wheels. Steering the snow scooter is easy, thanks to the handle, but other types of sleds are easier to control. You can also fold snow scooters when not in use and carry them up the sledding slope easily. That also makes them easier to store when sledding season is over.


Kicksleds are different from other types of snow sleds and are also called a “spark.” It is shaped like a chair that sits on top of metal runners and is named that way because you must propel it by kicking your foot in the ground. It comes with handlebars that allow you to maneuver it and is an excellent option for slippery and hard surfaces, making it perfect for snow sledding.

DIY Snow Sleds for Sledding

Even though you can splurge some cash and purchase a snow sled, the magic of sledding season was always in DIY sleds. You couldn’t wait to show your friends the snow sled you made and competed with them on sledding hills to find out which one was the faster one. If you’re feeling inspired and want your kids involved in a fun activity, here are some everyday household items you can use for sledding:


A piece of cardboard makes for one of the best snow sleds for sledding. It is durable enough to enjoy an afternoon of fun, and you won’t be upset about ruining or damaging it as well.

Lunch Trays

You can also use the hard and plastic lunch trays as a makeshift sled for sledding. It will manage to achieve incredible speeds on the slope and is durable so that you will have a fun afternoon.

Laundry Basket

The laundry basket maybe for the younger crowd but is an excellent sled for sledding. You can easily fit your kid inside it and push them down the slope. They are also durable and won’t go fast over the snow due to the plastic construction.

Tarp or Trash Bag

You can use a tarp or a trash bag as a sled for sledding for excellent results. The hard snow provides ideal conditions for this type of sled and will push you down faster than a toboggan or a spinner sled.

Our Final Thoughts

Choosing what to use for sledding isn’t always easy as there are so many options available, each with its drawbacks and advantages. When you’re out shopping for a new sled, the first thing you should consider is the conditions you will be sledding in. That will determine what sled will be perfect for you, depending on its construction and weight capacity to support adults and children.

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