What Is Glacier Skiing?

what is glacier skiing

Skiing is a sport that is loved by many. The feeling of gliding down on a snowy mountain is one unmatched, not to mention the adrenaline rush. People have undertaken this winter sport as a hobby and career. Many skiing competitions are held all over the world, with people unleashing their competitive side from all over the world.

Among the many types of skiing, such as downhill skiing, alpine touring, ski mountaineering, and more, today we are going to talk about what glacier skiing is, reasons to go glacier skiing, and top glacier ski resorts to visit in the world. So, keep on reading.

What is Glacier Skiing?

Glacier skiing is good news for skiing enthusiasts as it does not restrict them from enjoying the sport only in winters. It is not what the name suggests; you won’t be skiing on massive bodies of raw ice. Instead, glacier skiing allows people to ski in warmer summer months on the snow-filled mountain glaciers sitting at high altitudes. Hence, glacier skiing is also known as summer skiing. Many ski resorts offer glacier skiing with ski runs and ski lifts that you can visit with your family on a summer holiday or train for any upcoming skiing competitions.

Mountain tops are home to ground ice and cannot melt as quickly and easily. Even if the temperatures get high, the top stays cold and chilly. This way, people get a spot where they can hone their skiing skills while having fun. However, an important thing to note is that there are a few downsides involved when it comes to glacier skiing.

Glacier ski resorts are filled with huge deep open cracks called crevasses, which become visible and more dangerous in summers. You probably won’t notice them in winter and glide right over them as they are covered in heavy snow. However, many skiing resorts place ropes and cords around the crevasses, allowing skiers to differentiate between safe and unsafe zones, preventing detrimental incidents.

Moreover, if you go skiing in the summers, make sure to have protective gear, adequate sun protection, and lots of hydration for your body. The higher altitude might lead to altitude sickness, exhaustion, dehydration, sunburns, etc.

Why Do You Need to Go for Glacier Skiing?

Even though there might be a few downsides, it doesn’t mean that glacier skiing is any less fun and adventurous. With safe precautions, glacier skiing makes for a great experience. You get to witness stunning mountains with reduced accommodation costs compared to winters, a relaxing atmosphere, unlimited fun, a better training environment, warm sunny days, and other resort activities.

Below are the 5 reasons to go glacier skiing:

Best Time for Learning

The soft snow, calm weather, and numerous drag lifts are a great combination if you are a beginner skier or want to develop some new skills.

Altitude Change

The altitude change from high altitude mountains to lower levels in the altitude will help you improve your capability to exercise. If you are a professional athlete, the increased stamina will significantly assist you in future competitions.

Ski With the Pros

Many professionals, national competitors, and world cup athletes turn to glaciers to train for the upcoming season in off-season summer skiing. And you would have the chance to ski amongst them and learn a thing or two from them or get a selfie with them.

Multiple Activities

A summer skiing resort does not mean that the only activity available is glacier skiing. There are many activities such as hiking, road cycling, mountain biking, and more to enjoy.

Melting Ice

Unfortunately, the glaciers are melting rapidly because of global warming, which is another reason you must go glacier skiing. Therefore, enjoy it while it lasts.

Where Do You Go for Glacier Skiing?

There are numerous glacier ski resorts all around the globe, leaving you with plenty of options.

Below are a few of the top glacier ski resorts:

Timberline, USA

Located on the Palmer Glacier, Timberline Lodge is a year-round skiing resort in the US.

Zermatt, Switzerland

One of the best places for glacier skiing in Europe is Zermatt, Switzerland. It has the highest ski peak, sitting at 3882 meters above sea level.

Les Deux Alps, France

Les Deux Alps in France offers guaranteed stunning views with snow on the 3500-meter glacier.

Whistler Blackcomb, Canada

The Whistler Blackcomb ski resort in Canada has a 2,213 ft base elevation and 7,489 ft peak elevation and is an excellent site for summer skiing.

Stubai, Austria

Stubai is the largest skiing area in Austria, with Stubia glacier allowing glacier skiing with phenomenal views in the summertime.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Glacier Skiing

What Should I Wear While Glacier Skiing?

Mountain tops are cold; hence one should wear warm clothes, preferably layered clothing. Moreover, make sure your clothing gear is waterproof.

Is Skiing Easy for Beginners?

Skiing is an easy sport for beginners; however, it depends on teaching methods, fitness levels, individual subjectivity, etc.

Do I Need Lessons for Skiing?

If you are just starting skiing, then yes, you need lessons. It would help if you had assistance and coaching on linking turns, controlling speed, and reaching a controlled stop to ski past the beginner level.

Is Glacier Skiing Safe?

Yes, glacier skiing is safe. Obviously, there are risks involved, just like in any other sport. Make sure to follow the rules, observe the warning, and wear protective gear.

Can I Ski in The Summer?

Yes, you can. That’s what ski glaciers are for, so you can ski even in the warmer months. However, they are open very early in the morning and closed in the late afternoon hours as the higher temperatures cause the melting of the surface snow.

Our Final Thoughts

Skiing is a popular sport and a recreational activity for many. Some people tend to be bummed out when their skiing is restricted due to the change of seasons from winter to summer. Thanks to glacier skiing, one can ski all year long, even in summers. We have discussed the 5 reasons to go glacier skiing, including the opportunity to learn better, pick up tips from the pros, etc. And if you are wondering where you can go glacier skiing, there are many options available. There are glacier ski resorts in the US, Switzerland, Canada, France, Austria, etc., where you can go and enjoy a summer filled with ski adventure and fun. So, gear up!

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