What is Bowl Skiing?

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What is bowl skiing? We hear this a lot!

Newcomers to the sport often think that skiing entails zooming down a slope and climbing back up again using a ski lift. But that is not true.

Skiing is far more versatile than some might think. Bowl skiing is a wonderful innovation that allows for a profoundly exhilarating skiing experience.

But what is it, and why would you ever want to go bowl skiing?

Bowl Skiing Explained

In short, bowl skiing implies skiing along one side of a mountain on a particular kind of terrain.

While skiing in your favorite resort; you may have noticed that as you climb up a mountain, there is a change in the terrain. At the mountain bottom, you will find plenty of trees and foliage. But at the top, things are far more peaceful. You will find that there is open space and less clutter for unhindered and unobstructed skiing.

This region of the mountain is known as a bowl. One reason for this could be due to the fact that its contour is similar to that of a bowl. You will often find powder snow on this side of the mountain that is an absolute joy to ride.

Ski bums and winter sports fanatics will generally agree that skiing on this mountainside covered with powder snow allows for a terrific skiing experience.

Due to the shape of a ski bowl, you can ski around its sides. Bowls vary according to the kind of mountain they are located in. As the name suggests, the best, obviously, are 360-degree bowls suitable to ski on from all sides. Others may be deemed half bowls.

But no matter what kind of bowl you are skiing in, you will likely agree that it allows for a remarkable skiing experience.

Bowl Skiing Summarized

Ski bowls feature steeper slopes that pose a greater challenge compared to conventional pistes. As a consequence, ski bowls tend to have smaller crowds and thus allow for a more carefree skiing experience.

However, besides being more challenging to ski on, another caveat is that this prime skiing real estate comes at a cost. Hence, you should factor in the higher cost of bowl skiing before setting out on your ski trip.

That being said, ski bowls allow for an unmatched ski fest.

Bowl Skiing Difficulty Level

If you are new to the sport, you may be wondering if bowl skiing is tough. If you have less skiing experience, it is perfectly natural to feel a bit apprehensive about bowl skiing. It is indeed steeper and thus more challenging than conventional ski tracks.

However, there is good news in store. Certain ski bowls are more forgiving towards beginners. However, many ski bowls are better suited to adept skiers.

In short, ski bowls have varying difficulty levels. For some of them, you have undertaken an arduous climb on the mountainside before you can finally let loose. This is one practicality that is worth remembering.

Since ski bowls can be abrupt and have a steeper trajectory, you will need a fair skiing skill to tackle these skiing terrains.

Changes can be sudden and drastic. So if you are gliding merrily on powder snow, don’t be too disconcerted if you find yourself riding through solid crud out of the blue.

You should know that ski bowls are not curated as well as conventional ski slopes. Hence, they are more natural and, thus, fairly challenging.

Best Resorts for Bowl Skiing

There are several great resorts for bowl skiing that you can think of visiting if bowl skiing galore is what you want on your ski trip.

Here are some of the best.

Big Sky Resort – Montana

Big Sky Resort is one of the most well-known ski resorts in the country. In 1995, the resort set up ski bowls with almost vertical sides. Hence, this is not for the faint-hearted. If you want a hardcore ski bowl experience, then this would be it.

This legendary ski bowling destination has all sorts of terrains for ski bowling enthusiasts. At an elevation of 11,000 feet, you will also get to enjoy unforgettable vistas.

Copper Mountain – Colorado

Copper Mountain has multiple snow-covered bowls that lifts may access. If you are fascinated by bowl skiing, then this is one ski resort worth visiting.

Reaching these bowls entails a fair bit of effort on your part. However, it is totally worth it. Once you look at these bowls, you will know why they are so renowned. The grand scale of these massive snow-covered slopes is simply mesmerizing. And riding them is even more fun.

Alta Ski Resort – Utah

The Alta Ski Resort is located towards the west side of the US close to Salt Lake City in Utah. This is one of the most prestigious and renowned ski resorts in the US. It is not too far from the Colorado state border.

This ski resort is so fabulous because apart from the spectacular snow-covered peaks, there are relatively few people who will get in the way. It is one of the few resorts that is not overflowing with throngs of ski bums.

One thing to take note of is that these slopes are largely intended for adroit skiers.

Our Final Thoughts

What is bowl skiing? Is it worth it? We hope you would know the answer for these questions.

It would be a good idea to level up your skiing skill before taking on ski bowls. These steep tracks are more challenging and less predictable compared to conventional skiing slopes. So a fair bit of caution is advised.

That being said, once you get the hang of bowl skiing, you will love it.

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