How to Put On Ski Boots

How to Put On Ski Boots

You might be wondering why someone is trying to teach you how to wear a pair of boots. Please don’t take the ski boots putting-on process lightly; they may seem like easy wear, but learning how to put on ski boots properly can be difficult – especially on your first few times hitting the slopes.

Having a good idea of the process and nailing the routine from day one can boost your level of confidence and get you focusing on learning and improving your actual skiing. So let’s get started!

Tips and tricks before you put your boots on

  • Don’t forget to trim your toenails.
  • Be sure you wear a pair of thin, clean ski socks that are pulled up high.
  • It is important to note that the socks should be dry.
  • Layering socks is a bad idea.
  • Make sure the boot is dry or warm, so it’s easier to wear it!
  • And lastly, if your boots are damp and you need to wear them in the morning, your hair dryer should do the trick.

How to Put on Ski Boots – The Proper Way

Unbuckle your boot completely

Start by unbuckling, including the power strap, and please ensure that none of the buckles are catching. If they are, you can rotate the buckles a bit to avoid them from catching. If your ski boots are brand new, then reach inside the boot and be sure to remove any excess paper stuffed in the toe of the liner, then sit with the boots in front of you.

Keep the boot on flat ground and step into it while standing

It is preferred to stand while wearing your boot as it doesn’t fit right when you’re trying to wear it while sitting. Most ski boots have a loop on the tongue to help you pull it up and forward. So, hold on to the top tongue loop and point your toe straight into the boot. Then in one go, pull the tongue up and out as you stand and step into the boot. It sounds pretty intense, but you’ll soon get used to it.

Focus the tongue on top of your foot

Please make sure the tongue of the boot liner is centered, and check that it’s positioned inside the liner. Don’t assess the fit yet, as the boot isn’t buckled and your foot isn’t settled.

Your boot may not always feel tight

The first time you wear your boot, your toes will brush the end of the boot, or some areas might feel empty, like the boot is big. But remember, at this stage, your foot hasn’t warmed up into the boot as yet. Give it some time; you’ll be fine in no time.

Top two buckles to be secured tightly

When you buckle the top two buckles tightly, it helps place the tongue on the foot’s instep. And now you can lock the power strap.

Bend your boot forward a few times

Flexing into the boot couple of times with bottom buckles still opened will allow you to pull your toes away from the front of the boot and deep in the heel pocket, which will be great for a good fit.

Fasten all the buckles

Make sure to note that you don’t move around freely or that your buckles are so tight that it’s getting hard for you to close your boot. But also keep in mind that the first time your wear your boots, they will be the tightest and then loosen up with time.

How Do the Boots Feel?

Now that you know how to put on ski boots, here’s how you can fix them yourself if they don’t fit perfectly:

  • Boot feels too loose – go up a notch or two by buckling the first two buckles.
  • If your boot is at its top setting and still feels loose then undo the buckle and twist it around a few times.
  • Boots are too tight? Then you should try going one notch down on the buckle. You may then need to tighten them after your first round of skiing. Only if you feel you have a little too much movement.
  • If you have to do up the bottom two buckles to their tightest setting, then the boots are probably too big for you and you need to get them replaced in order to have a safe and enjoyable skiing experience.

Our Final Thoughts

Putting on your ski boots is not easy for beginners. It will take a while before you get used to the new skiing routine. Once you get the hang of it and start enjoying yourself, there’s no forgetting anything. It all becomes easier from thereon. You will notice that you take less time fiddling with boots and skis and spend more time digging into the fresh snow.

No matter how much time you spend skiing in the snow, it’s never enough. Those breathtaking views can leave you a little overwhelmed. We suggest you tighten your boots, get your skis in place, go out there and have fun!

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