How to Hang a Snowboard on a Wall

You might be an avid snowboarder and have multiple snowboards lying around at home, or you might be looking to retire a well-loved and well-used snowboard after enjoying hundreds of rides on it. These situations could have caused you to Google the question, ‘how to hang a snowboard on a wall.’

Your home or apartment might not have ample space to store all of your snowboards at home. You might have multiple snowboards stacked up in the corner of your room, or you might stack them all against the wall. However, if all of this doesn’t look or feel good, try learning how to hang a snowboard on a wall. If you don’t use your snowboard anymore, instead of throwing it away and letting it rot in a scrapyard, why not give it a proper retirement and display it on your wall?

A collection of beautiful snowboards would add a lot to a barren wall. Displayed snowboards can also be a great way to spark conversations and memories about all the times you had riding on top of those boards, both good and bad. Hanging snowboards on a wall is also a great way to store your snowboards and use the space you have in your home. If you think hanging snowboards on a wall is difficult, you are very mistaken. Hanging a snowboard on a wall can be as simple or as complicated as you want it to be.

How to Hang a Snowboard on the Wall

The first and easy way of hanging snowboards on a wall is purchasing and using a snowboard wall mount. These wall mounts are quick and easy solutions to get your snowboard up on your walls in no time. They are also completely secure and safe if installed correctly and will not damage your board or home. They are the simplest solution to hanging snowboards on a wall.

You could go for the StoreYourBoard Minimalist Snowboard Display Rack (ASIN: B00IZH9MLI) or the Skateptych Vulcan Snowboard Wall Mount (ASIN: B07BJN1FYX). Both these products are made of high-quality metal, with the StoreYourBoard being made from Aluminum, making it very light and sturdy. These racks are beautiful, as they are so minimalist that they allow any ‘lookers’ to focus entirely on the snowboard. Sometimes you won’t even notice the racks unless you look closely.

These wall mounts are very easy to install and come with their own instructions. The Skateptych only requires a single screw in the wall; how much easier do you want your wall mount installation to be? The instructions to install these wall mounts are as follows:

  • Measure, mark, and drill where you want your skateboard deck to be mounted to the wall with a drill bit.
  • Insert the wall anchor into the hole created by the drill bit.
  • Insert the provided bolts and nuts into the wall mount plate.
  • Place the wall mount plate into the hole and ensureit is secure.
  • Place your skateboard deck against the plate and make any necessary adjustments.
  • Finish hanging your skateboard by securing it with the provided T-nuts.

Purchasing a wall mount is the easiest way of hanging your snowboard on the wall, and they are relatively affordable. Most of these wall mount ranges from $15 and can go up to $50 depending on the mount you pick. If you are willing to put in some work and have some equipment, the DIY snowboard wall mounting method is the most affordable way of hanging snowboards on a wall. For those who like to DIY, here are the instructions for how to hang a snowboard on a wall.

What You’ll Need

  • 2 small corks or rubber tips or grommets
  • 2 2″ screws
  • 2 drywall anchors
  • A measuring tape
  • A level screwdriver

How to Hang a Snowboard on a Wall – A DIY Guide

  1. To begin, gather your materials and decide where you want the board to be hung on the wall.
  2. The first actual step is to determine the board’s width.Once you’ve calculated the board’s width, you’ll need to measure its length and transfer that figure to the wall. You have to measure the width of your snowboard across the top where it is at its widest point. Mark two spots on your wall where the breadth is at its widest. Ensure that the points are across from one another by using the level screwdriver.
  3. Next, it is time to install the drywall anchors. Keep in mind that if you have removed the bindings from your board and are using drywall screws, you may not need to use any anchors. Take the screws and drive them through the exact center of your corks, rubber tips, or rubber grommets, then position the screw and stopper against the marked location on the wall and drive the screw through the anchor or drywall to complete the installation.
  4. Check to see that your anchor points are now level with one another,andthey are firmly embedded in the drywall. If they are not evenly spaced, you will have to start over.
  5. Now,add your board to your DIY rack. Liftup your board so that the bottom is over the mounted corks, tips, or grommets, and slide it down so that the widest part of your board catches on to the cork or rubber anchors.
  6. Well, you are done! The last step is to step back and admire how the addition of the snowboard changes how your walls look. You will be amazed how much a simple and cheap 20-minute DIY can add to your room’s look.

Our Final Thoughts

Hanging your snowboards is a good way to free up space and store your snowboards. You can also add mounts for all your other snowboarding or other activity accessories for easy and quick access. If you aren’t doing it for practicality, maybe try hanging up your snowboard just for the aesthetics. The new addition might be just what your home is missing!

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