How to Build a Snowboard Bench

How to Build a Snowboard Bench

Being a snowboarding fan has one significant perk – you get to have so many snowboards. If you’ve had a fair share of snowboards from your snowboarding days, you can always recycle them and turn them into other valuable products. A pretty common thing to do is make a bench from your snowboard.

Making a snowboard bench isn’t that complicated. What you need are some tools to start the process. Follow a few simple steps, and voila, you have yourself a snowboard bench. A snowboard bench can be a practical addition to your collection of things. You can use it as an incredible piece of furniture in your room or backyard, as it qualifies for a comfortable seat.

Let us take you through a few steps you’ll have to follow to build your snowboard bench.

Benefits of Building a Snowboard Bench?

A snowboard bench can be used for numerous purposes. If you have a few snowboards lying around, you can always turn them into a creative bench and use them for other reasons. You’ll have a pretty strong bench as long as you’ve built them from a sturdy snowboard. Below are a few benefits you can get by creating a snowboard bench.

You Get a Piece of Furniture

This goes without saying, but a snowboard bench will make an excellent piece of furniture. You can always add more grit to your room by incorporating a funky snowboard bench. Depending on your home’s style, you can also set the bench in your living room or backyard. The best part is you won’t have to shop like crazy to look for a fantastic piece of furniture – you can build it yourself.

It’s Cheap to Build

Another advantage of building a snowboard bench is that it’s pretty inexpensive; you won’t have to spend a lot of money to make yourself a solid bench. All you need is to get some necessary tools and nothing else. You don’t need other materials to create a snowboard bench. The snowboard itself is the only thing you require, and since you have that, you don’t have to worry about how much it’ll cost.

Practical Way to Recycle

Building a snowboard bench is undoubtedly for you if you’re a significant recycling enthusiast. If you’ve always felt wrong about things going obsolete because they’re no longer of use to you, you should know you can recycle them into something valuable. The same is the case with your snowboard that you no longer use. Gather some tools and start putting your recycling skills to good use.

Commemorate Your Memories

You’ve probably had the best times with your family and friends with that snowboard. What better way to honor those memories than making something valuable from your snowboard? Instead of throwing the snowboard out, you can carve something even better from it, reminding you of all the incredible times you’ve had in the snow. So, why not build a bench out of your snowboard.

Steps to Build a Snowboard Bench

Building a snowboard isn’t that complicated as long as you stick to the steps. You’ll have made a pretty robust bench when you follow all the steps thoroughly. We’ve compiled all the necessary steps to make things easier for you. Let’s go through all the steps one by one.

Step 1: Gather Your Tools

First, to build anything from scratch, you’ll have to gather the right tools. So, make a list of whatever you need, and then proceed to start building your bench. If you don’t already have the tools at home, you’ll have to go and shop for them, or you won’t be able to start building the snowboard bench. You don’t need anything extensive, just your standard power tools, such as a drill machine, screwdrivers, screws, timber, etc.

Step 2: Design Your Frame

The next step is to design a frame for your snowboard bench. It would be best to build a strong structure for the bench to turn out sturdy. If you’re a beginner and have no idea about framing, you can take someone’s help with some creative design ideas. It’ll be wise to have a plan regarding what type of design and frame you want. This is an essential step as it sets the foundation or base of your snowboard bench, so please do not take it lightly.

Step 3: Cut Wood

After picking out a design for the frame, you need to cut some wood for it. The amount of wood you cut depends on how big you want your bench. You should know the average size for a seat is about 17 to 24 inches. Cutting up wood will require you to use your power tools. It can be a fun activity, especially if you’ve been looking for an excuse to use your devices. You can invite your friends to help you cut the wood while chugging on some delicious beer.

Step 4: Put Screws in the Frame

When you’re done cutting the wood, it’s time to nail the frame and the wood together. Most people suggest using wood glue than nails as it’s stronger. Also, you might hurt yourself while using nails if you’ve never done this before, so using wood glue will be a safer option. Another crucial thing to remember is to check the level of the surface of the wood before you nail it into the frame. If you don’t, your bench might sit at a lesser level.

Step 5: Fit the Snowboard in the Frame

Lastly, when you nail the frame and the wood together, attach the snowboard to the edge. You can always add some color to your snowboard by painting it with a color. However, please remember to let it dry before you attach it to the frame if you do. After the paint on the snowboard dries, you can attach it to the structure and screw it tightly together. This concludes the process of making a snowboard bench, and you can begin enjoying your bench by treating it as the most comfortable piece of furniture.

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