Best Snow Sleds for Sledding

Best Sleds for Sledding

One of the most thrilling winter sports has to be sledding.. Going down the snow-laden hill on a sled is an exhilarating experience and super fun as well. But if you don’t the perfect sled, you might not enjoy it as much as you should.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

If you plan to go sledding, you’d want to be ready with the appropriate gear, and that means you’d like a snow sled that smoothly takes you from one point to another. However, finding the best sleds for sledding can be a little challenging.

The 5 Best Snow Sleds for Sledding

Aren’t sure which sled is best for sledding in the pristine white snow? Don’t worry! We have listed down some of the best sleds that you can buy and make your sledding experience an amazing and memorable one. Let’s dig in…

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1. Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan Snow Sled

If you are looking for speed, the Slippery Racer Downhill XTreme Toboggan Snow Sled is the one for you. Made with heavy-duty, flexible plastic, the sled is perfect for an adult and child to cruise down the snowy hill safely.

The sled comes with cutout handles that ensure a secure grip. Due to its IceVex cold-resistant coating, you don’t have to worry about cracking. What’s great about this sled is the slight taper toward the front, which promises a dynamic sledding experience.


  • It has a durable plastic body
  • Ensures speed on most types of snow
  • The sled can easily accommodate an adult and a child


  • Due to the scratches, the bottom loses its slickness after some time.

2. Flexible Flyer Winter Trek Large Pull Sled

Perfect for adults and kids, this large heavy-duty sled can fit three people with ease. The sled comes with molded hand grips and is durable as it is made of no-break resin.

Designed for easy pulling, the Flexible Flyer Winter Trek Large Pull Sled includes a heavy-duty tow rope. Besides these features, the sled has molded grooves at the bottom which ensures stability while cruising down the hill.


  • It comes with a tow rope which makes pulling easy.
  • The sled can fit three people at a time.
  • It is durable.


  • It might be too big for you if you plan to go sledding alone.

3. Airhead Classic 2 Person Toboggan Snow Sled

This classic toboggan sled is made with high impact plastic and is perfect for 1 to 2 persons. The molded plastic handles have ample space, ensuring that you comfortably control the sled when navigating the slopes. Moreover, it features a directional bottom for added safety. It comes with a lanyard that helps with easy towing. The sled is both lightweight and portable, ideal for sledding.


  • It has molded plastic handles for grip and control.
  • The sled is made from high-impact plastic.
  • Durable and light.


  • It might not fit an adult and a child.

4. Flexible Flyer Metal Runner Sled. Steel & Wood Steering Snow Slider

You can enjoy the thrill of winter sledding to the fullest with this classic Flyer steel runner sled. Made with smooth birchwood, the sled is durable and easy to steer.

The powder-coated steel runners ensure control and grip while you’re sledding down the hills. Apart from that, this wooden and metal sled features triple knee construction and is big enough for two people.


  • The sled comes with powder-coated steel runners, perfect for control.
  • Durable


  • It doesn’t come with a rope

5. Back Bay Play Lifetime Snow Sled Two-Rider Downhill Outdoor

This sled is designed to last for a long time. Made with high impact, heavy-duty plastic enhances the stability of the sled. Not only that, you can enjoy a high-speed ride with this sled as it’s lightweight as well as durable.

It is easy to carry due to the built-in pull rope attached to the front. And the best part is that the comfortable grip handles allow you to stay in control throughout.


  • The pull rope allows full control over steering.
  • It is durable and lightweight.
  • The sled has side handles that ensure a comfortable grip.


  • The sled might be too small to fit a child and an adult.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Sleds for Sledding

With a wide variety of sleds available, there are numerous things you need to keep in mind before purchasing a sled that would make your sledding experience memorable. Here’s what you need to consider…

The weight factor

Make sure that the sled you choose is lightweight so that you don’t have any trouble sliding back up the hill after each run. If you go for a heavy sled, the chances are that it will sink into the snow more and end up slowing things down.

Which material to go for

If you are looking for light material, plastic sleds are an ideal choice. Besides being lightweight, plastic sleds are quite reasonable. However, they don’t last for an extended period and can get bent or cracked after a year or two. Sleds made of wood and metal will be expensive but are long-lasting if well taken care of.

Size matters

Don’t forget to check the size when purchasing a sled. Most sleds have a weight limit listed on them, making it easier for you to decide which one to go for. If you have kids, you’d specifically want to pick out something that has enough seating space for a child and an adult to fit in and, of course, has a higher weight limit as well.

Our Final Thoughts

If you want to purchase the best sleds for sledding, we’d recommend you to invest in the Slippery Racer Downhill Xtreme Toboggan Snow Sled. No matter what you select from our top five picks, make sure to check all its features and see whether it matches your needs or not.

Moreover, the reviews and ratings will also help you in making the best decision, so don’t forget to check them out before making the decision.

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