Best Household Items to Use as a Sled

Best Storage Bin Lid for Sledding

Want to learn more about the best storage bin lid for sledding and using regular household items for sledding? Read along!

Nothing feels better than being outdoors for winters and sledding down the hill. Not only is sledding fun, but it also offers a lot of health benefits. It encourages core stability and works on cardiovascular fitness.

The 15 Best Household Items to Use as a Snow Sled

Most people recommend using a sled that has brakes and can be steered. But, what happens when you do not have a sled? Not having a sled does not mean you should miss out on a fun day.

So, grab these household items and use them instead of a sled:

Storage Bin Lid Sledding

While searching for the best storage bin lid for sledding, make sure you look for a sturdy one.

Do you have large storage bins lying around the house? Grab it, and you are all set up for sledding; it’s really as simple as that. If you are not able to find a large storage bin, use the lid of a garbage can instead.

Baby Pools Work Too

If you are struggling to find the perfect sled alternative, try out a baby pool!

Baby pools and plastic sleds are made of similar materials, which makes baby pools a great option to use when you do not have a sled lying around the house.

Baby Tub

If you don’t have a pool, you can opt for a baby tub. It might not be large enough to be used by an adult but will work fine for kids.

Vinyl curtains

If you are looking for a safer option than using a plastic bag for sledding, look for vinyl curtains in the storeroom. Not only are they waterproof and durable, but they are also easy to control.


You might be wondering how in the world can you use a cushion for sledding? But, we promise it works!

Pick a big vinyl cushion and take it to the hill. If you want to make it more fun, find a big enough cushion to lay down on while sliding down the hill.

Dog Bed

When in doubt, you can use an age-old trick of sliding down the hill on a dog bed. If you don’t have a baby pool lying around, you can use a dog bed as a safe alternative. Unlike cardboard and laundry basket, a dog bed will be easier to steer while flying down the hill.

Yoga Mat

If you want to slide down a snow-covered hill as Aladdin did, grab your yoga mat. The only drawback to using a yoga mat for sledding is that it can get a little hard to control and hold onto.


If you are not looking for a long-term option but something that will give you a few fun runs, grab a cardboard box! They work fine until they get wet. So, what you can do is grab quite a few moving cardboard boxes to replace with the wet ones.

Cafeteria Tray

Nothing beats using a cafeteria tray for sledding. In comparison to cardboard boxes, using a cafeteria tray for sledding is a more sturdy option.

Sleeping Bag

Want to stay warm and comfortable while sledding down the hill? There is no better option than to use a sleeping bag. This easy to steer, easy-to-control, and super comfortable sled-alternative will keep the fun going all day.

Laundry Basket

Using a laundry basket for sledding might be a better bet for kids aged 3 to 4. If your laundry basket can fit half your wardrobe, they are probably big enough to bear the weight of a three-year-old.  A laundry basket might be a little difficult to steer, but that is the last thing you will think about while sliding down a hill.

Plastic Can Lids

Don’t have storage bins lying around? Grab a plastic can lid and take it to the hills. Just make sure that the lid is big enough to take you comfortably sitting in it.

Keep in that the larger the lid, the better it will be.

Inflatable Toys

Got pool tools lying around? Grab a few and see which one can be used as a sled. If you want to smoothly fly down the hills, there’s no better option than using inflatable toys. Whether it’s a giraffe, shark, or a unicorn, they all serve one purpose: giving you the best ride of your life.

Cookie Sheet

Don’t have a cafeteria tray lying around the hostel? Grab your cookie sheet!

After giving you the best after-midnight cookies of your life, this cookie tray will now give you the best ride down the hills. Using a cookie sheet as a sled is a sturdy option that is not just easy to steer but comfortable too.


You thought kayaking was only supposed to be done in water? Well, you were wrong! Snow kayaking is as real as water kayaking. So, if you have a kayak lying around the garage, grab it, and you will be all set for sledding. It’s waterproof, which means you will be sorted for the day. The best thing about using a kayak as a sled is that it’s a safer and sturdier option than the other items mentioned on the list!

Our Final Thoughts

We hope that you now know more about the best storage bin lid for sledding and how to use household items as an alternative to sleds.

Our top three picks are:

  • Storage bin lid
  • Dog bed or baby pool
  • Kayak
  • Inflatable toys

Keep in mind that you can only use these options to slide down the hills. Don’t even think about using them for mountain sledding.

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