Best GoPros for Snowboarding

Best GoPro for Snowboarding

When you think of action sports, the first camera that comes to mind is a GoPro. These cameras can take the brutal cold along with capturing premium shots that other brands just can’t seem to. Snowboarders use GoPros to seize all their epics downhill moves.

Thanks to their unique traits and exceptional quality, all GoPros are compact, sleek and deliver top-class videos. However, if you’re looking to capture your snowboarding shots exclusively, here’s a list of the best GoPro for snowboarding.

The 2 Best GoPros for Snowboarding

Let’s go ahead and take a look at the best GoPros for snowboarding.

1. GoPro Hero 8

Snowboarder swears by this camera. GoPro Hero 8 has features that no camera can provide for highly advanced technology out on the mountain. The model is without a doubt one of the finest cameras ever made. It promises to deliver top quality footage, all thanks to its incredible traits.


  • You need a long-lasting battery out in the terrain, and that’s what it offers.
  • A strong and waterproof covering for extra protection and durability.
  • No complicated stuff, just a single button to press and record.
  • Need to place it so you can do tricks? It comes with special base feet that allow you to do that.
  • Recording at sixty frames per hour in a striking 4K resolution, GoPro Hero 8 offers the top video quality as of yet in the market.
  • Incredible image stability feature.
  • A useful live stream option.
  • Has the option of voice command for the ease of riders
  • TimeWrap 2.0 – helps create a magical time-lapse, which is a dream for most snowboarders.


  • A little on the expensive side.
  • The screen size is small in comparison to other GoPros.

2. GoPro Max

If you have a big budget, take your snowboarding footage very seriously, and buy the best Gopro for snowboarding, you can upgrade yourself from the Hero line by investing in a GoPro Max. It will take your video recording experience to the next level allowing you to watch or show your adventures as if they were happening live.


  • This beauty has a tough exterior.
  • Comes with two inbuilt lenses that allow you to get a full 360-degree recording.
  • You can watch your thrilling snowboarding journey with high-end quality over and over again with the same excitement. It gives a wholesome experience.
  • Unlike most GoPros, it has a 6k resolution.
  • It has a Max HyperSmooth technology with an 18MP sensor that allows you never to lose footage while sliding through the snow.
  • It gives great audio.


  • Not pocket friendly at all.
  • It requires good editing skills.

Who Should Buy a GoPro for Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is a passion for most people. It’s their first love. Every move and turn they make is crucial for them and, for sure riders, a snowboarding GoPro is a must-have. Riders who are dead serious about video recording their snowboarding shots from various angles are the first to consider buying a GoPro.

Each GoPro model has options to capture all your thrilling footage from a series of angles. It is great for rough and extreme terrain snowboarding. Now it might sound like only advanced or highly qualified snowboarders use these, but that’s not the case. GoPros can easily be used by beginner riders who wish to capture their learning process through premium-quality footage.

What to Look for When Buying a GoPro for Snowboarding

A few things to consider when buying the best GoPro for snowboarding.


If you’re taking something up to the mountain, you need to be sure it is durable. All equipment will be exposed to the same elements. You need to be sure that your camera has a protective casing and well-made components so that it can easily handle water, snow or windy temperatures. If a camera can take falls and still be steady enough to work, know that it’s of great quality.

Size of It

GoPros come in a variety of sizes. Some are finer than others. If you’re a light packer and do not do well with heavy devices, then get a GoPro to know how much space it will occupy in your bag or hand. However, if you can’t compromise on quality, then you can go for a big GoPro.


Snowboarding in the mountains is all about getting yourself into bumpy and rough environments. And for this, you need something that will be steady and stable. A brilliant steadiness will allow you to get better videos just like the ones you want.


Video quality is of most importance to snowboarders, and for that, you need to buy a camera that offers you the best quality. Different GoPros offer different resolutions, but the minimum is 4K, and this can go up to 6K resolution, which is the best resolution to record.

Battery Life

What is a good camera without a good battery life? Out on the mountain, you never how much time it can take to get the perfect footage, and for this, your camera needs to have a solid battery. GoPros are long-lasting and durable cameras that promise premium-quality footage.

Our Final Thoughts

How do you prove to people that you’re a terrific snowboarder when you can’t show them? Not everyone will come and watch you on the terrains; you need proof in terms of footage. Having a GoPro will give your viewer a top-quality video that is sure to blow their mind.

It is up to you to make the final decision, based on your budget, which GoPro is better suited for you. Take this review into consideration and make a good choice.

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