Best Gimbals for Snowboarding

Best Gimbals for Snowboarding

There is no doubt that GoPro is the top choice for recording snowboarding action. However, getting yourself a GoPro is only part of the answer.

Finding the right gimbal for your GoPro is paramount. Without a good gimbal, there will be excessive camera movement, rendering the video almost worthless.

If you have done your research on the GoPro, you may know that image stabilization software is embedded into the device to reduce camera vibration. However, this alone will not tackle the issue of camera shake adequately. You will also need a sturdy gimbal to bring down vibrations and movement to an acceptable level. There is no other way around it.

Getting yourself the right gimbal is not exactly a cakewalk considering the immense variety of gimbals available in the market.

However, you need not worry since you can narrow down your search by reading about the following best gimbals for snowboarding.

iSteady Pro4


The iSteady Pro4 is an affordable and robust gimbal that will work nicely with GoPro Here 9 and 10.

One feature that makes this gimbal highly desirable is the ease with which it can be mounted and dismounted.

This is ideal for video makers who want high-quality GoPro videos where unwanted movement is strongly attenuated. If you desire awesome gimbal performance without breaking the bank, this will be a fine choice.

Being splashproof, it is good for various settings and weather conditions. Hence, this is the top gimbal choice for most video makers.

The gimbal is compatible with a wide range of GoPro Hero models starting from 3 all the way up to the current number 10 model. This versatile gimbal is also suitable for several other sports cams with similar dimensions as the GoPro Hero.

Although this gimbal is highly affordable, it does not curtail vital features. This camera is highly competitive and cost-effective with its wide array of superlative features, such as a 14-hour battery life, multiple shooting modes, and a wide range of motion.

In the relatively compact handgrip, you will find a good mix of controls. This encompasses the joystick, which you can leverage for tilt and pan functions. Besides ubiquitous standard buttons, you can also make good use of programmable hotkeys so that controls are customized as per your preferences.

The new version sports several upgrades over the predecessor gimbal model. The angled arm augments torque and allows the GoPro screen to remain fully visible. There is also a nice feature towards the back, due to which key functions like snapping and locking on objects are much easier.

In short, there is hardly any other gimbal within the sub $100 market which offers such a good blend of competitive features. The company behind the gimbal has managed to bring electronic gimbal stabilization to the masses without cutting back on key features.

When you compare the film quality of this gimbal with other more expensive options on the market, it becomes much harder to recommend the latter category since there is hardly any noticeable difference in video quality.

Inkee Falcon Gimbal Stabilizer


The Inkee Falcon gimbal has a slightly higher price tag than the gimbal mentioned above. But it has certain features that could make it more suitable for your situation. For example, it is lighter and is also more compact.

This product is compatible with several GoPro Hero models starting from 5 all the way up to the current model. Other action cams with similar sizes can also make use of this gimbal.

Here, all standard features within a reasonable budget include multiple viewing modes, 360 panning function, and motion time-lapses.

It does not take time to get this gimbal up and running. The balancing and mounting processes are pretty simple to execute.

Being small and lightweight, this gimbal is more compact than other models. This can be a key advantage if you have to take your GoPro along in a small case.

The button layout is straightforward and clutter-free. The rear trigger and joystick are easy to operate.

One key downside is that it has a 9-hour battery life which is meager compared to the gimbal mentioned above.

Zhiyun Crane M3

ASIN: B09KCC7193

Not only is the Zhiyun Crane M3 great for mounting action cameras, it can also support various kinds of smartphones. Thanks to its mix of great features, it is a great choice for those serious about making top-class action videos.

If you desire a universal gimbal that supports a wide range of action cameras, it would be. The versatile gimbal can work for a wide range of sports action cams apart from the GoPro. So if you have something besides the GoPro, you may want to look into this gimbal to see if your device is supported.

The brand is known for its gimbal and camera-support gear. It manufactures gimbals for DSLR, cinema, and mirrorless cameras. Hence, this is a brand with a proven track record in the field.

Subsequently, it is not surprising that the Zhiyun Crane is compact yet powerful. There are several standout features, including the 800-lumen built-in LED light. It may not exactly be a replacement for a lighting assistant, but it can work well for various situations.

Videographers will appreciate how nifty the gimbal is and how deftly it can be operated thanks to its clever design. The color touch screen makes filming a cinch. Plus, there is a free app that you can control with integrated buttons. Hence, the gimbal provides a superior user experience.

Our Final Thoughts

The best gimbals for snowboarding mentioned above are fine choices for providing your GoPro cam’s much-needed support. They can help mitigate unwanted camera movement so that your sports action videos are up to par.

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