Best Exercises to Prepare for Skiing

Best Exercises to Prepare for Skiing

Snow skiing is a big reason why many people simply cannot wait for the winter season. Almost everyone can agree that skiing is a lot of fun, but there are also many benefits to skiing since it is a fine snow sport that engages the whole body. It improves core strength, balance, and endurance.

Since skiing is a strong physical activity, you have to be fit enough; otherwise, you risk getting injured. It is best to follow an exercise routine before skiing to get into good condition. Here are the best exercises for skiing.

Endurance Exercises

A lot of us want to ski for the whole day when we take to the slopes.

By afternoon, your body may feel exhausted, and it might be at a higher risk for injuries. And also, accidents can happen. Hence, you should take a break between ski runs. You can ski for a longer time if you are fit for it.

For that, you will need to do endurance exercises. Good old-fashioned cardio can help you to get into good shape for skiing.

Cardio can condition your heart and body to ski longer. Here is what a cardio program can include.

There should be 3 to 5 days per week of endurance exercise. Some of the best cardio exercises for skiing include the elliptical trainer, stair climber, and running. You can do any other activity that increases your heart rate and gives you a whole-body workout.

There should also be workout variety so that you can exercise all muscle groups. You will be motivated to exercise consistently when there is some variety in your routine.

Moreover, you can do workouts that vary in intensity; these workouts can range from 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

Each week there should be one day reserved for a longer and slower workout. This workout can be up to 60 minutes. Its purpose is to condition your body so that it is ready for a long day of skiing.

If you have not been doing exercise regularly, you might find some workouts a little challenging. You should start with beginners training and then slowly progress to more challenging exercises.

Building Strength

Skiing can be really challenging because it requires the use of all muscle groups. But certain muscles will see more activity than others. Here are the muscles that you should be focusing on since they will be used more during skiing.


You will probably be using your quads the most. Your quad muscles will allow you to maintain your posture during skiing. They also help protect the knees. Lunges and squats are some great exercises for conditioning quads.

Glutes and Hamstrings

When you are skiing downhill, your body is in a bent position. That is, your body leans forward from your hips. To keep your body in this position, you need strong glutes and hamstrings.

You can strengthen your glutes and hamstrings using a variety of exercises like hamstring rolls, step-ups, pull-throughs, and deadlifts.

Outer and Inner Thighs

The inner thighs have to work very hard to maintain your skis in the right position. The outer thighs also provide stability and allow you to steer. You can work out your inner and outer thighs with exercise routines like leg lifts, side step squats, inner-thigh squeezes, inner-thigh leg lifts, sliding leg lunges, and side lunges.


When your knees are bent while skiing, the calves keep you upright and prevent you from falling over, ski boots are also helpful for this purpose. You can work your calf muscles by doing machine calf raises or standing calf raises.

Back and Abs

Since you are in the bent position, your back has to work hard to maintain this position. Your abs also help you to maintain this posture, and they help you protect your spine. The lats are also used when you ski uphill or on a flat surface using poles.

You can work out your back and abs with exercises like dumbbell rows, back extensions, wood chops, and bicycles.


You use your arm and back muscles to push against the poles. Arms also help stabilize shoulder joints.

So while exercising, make sure that you are using your triceps and biceps as well.

Best Exercise Machines

You will need a good treadmill for your cardio. Thankfully, treadmills are now coming back in stock.

You can think of buying a good treadmill to improve your endurance. In the past, going to the gym sounded like an easy way to keep fit. But in recent times, going to the gym does not seem like such a good idea given the outbreak. So it may be better for you to purchase your own exercise equipment and work out in the comfort of your home.

You can think of turning your basement or spare room into a gym. The treadmill is something that should be a part of every home gym especially for those who are serious about skiing.


The Horizon Fitness T101 is of great value for money. There are other models in the market that are cheaper. But this machine offers the best features at its price point.

At 20 x 55, it is not the biggest treadmill around. It has almost all the features that ordinary users will want to see in their treadmill. The 2.25 HP motor can go up to a maximum speed of 10 mph. There is an incline of 10%.

Hand grips are available to measure the heart rate. There is also a cooling fan to keep you more comfortable on hotter days.  The control panel is easy to use. There are built-in speakers that connect with your phone via Bluetooth to play your favorite tracks while you are jogging.

One of the biggest advantages of the treadmill is that even with all these features, it has folding capability. Hence, it has a small footprint and is easy to store. You can keep it away easily when it is not in use.

Why Exercise for Skiing is Necessary

Skiing is not something that you can do all the time. You can go skiing for only a few months of the year. Hence, many people are not as fit as they should be for skiing.

Therefore, skiing can feel hard if you don’t exercise regularly. Many people are surprised to know that skiing engages many muscle groups. It involves core strength as well as cardio. So with skiing, there is a risk that you might get exhausted and increase your chances of getting injured.

Hence, it makes sense to prepare your body for skiing before you make your way to the slopes. Doing skiing exercises can help make your ski trips more enjoyable and reduce the risk of injury. Hence, you can have safer and more fun ski trips by doing the necessary exercises.

You should start exercising for skiing early in the fall season or in later summer to improve your physical condition so that you can safely go skiing.

Avoid Skiing Injuries

Skiing is fun because you can do it during winter after the snowfall. And this can also be the reason for skiing injuries.

The trouble is that you can’t go skiing before the snowfalls. Hence, your body may not be ready for skiing when winter arrives, and you got to be very careful and keep yourself fit to avoid all sorts of injuries.

Our Final Thoughts

You should practice exercises for skiing to avoid soreness and to reduce the risk of injury. Even if you have not been exercising regularly, you can get started now to get ready for skiing.

One of the problems with exercising daily is that you can lose motivation. But if you are doing exercises to get ready for skiing, you will have a strong motivation to stay consistent with your fitness schedule.

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