Best Earbuds for Snowboarding

Best Earbuds for Snowboarding

Snowboarders often invest in earbuds the same way they would buy other gear for the sport. This guide will help you decide on the best earbuds for snowboarding, but before that, let’s talk about why you need earbuds for this sport anyway.

In a Hurry? Here are Our Top Choices

Why Do You Need Earbuds for Snowboarding?

Snowboarding is an extreme sport that requires immense concentration and balance. You need the focus to reach higher speeds without crashing down. When we listen to our favorite tracks, it basically helps us to concentrate better and block out all other external noise that may distract us.

Simply put, listening to a particular track with the right rhythm can actually improve performance during competitions and helps to calm jittery nerves as well. But for this, you need good earbuds that will actually ensure you get a great listening experience without falling off from your ears when you’re traversing at high speed.

The 5 Best Earbuds for Snowboarding

Here is our pick of 5 of the best earbuds for snowboarding.

1. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

This is one of the best earbuds for your sporting needs. It offers a comfortable and secure fit, so your earbuds don’t fall out while you’re snowboarding. It has a sufficient battery that will last you a whole day out on the tracks.

It features a waterproof design that fulfills the IP57 rating and is able to withstand rain and sweat with a special sweat-proof nano coating. These wireless earbuds offer you 8-hour battery life, durability and a decent listening experience, making them a great overall choice for snowboarding.

  • Waterproof
  • Wireless
  • 8 hour long battery
  • Secure fit

2. Chips 2.0 Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

This product by Outdoor Tech is specially designed to be worn easily under helmets, making it ideal for snowboarding. The Bluetooth technology gives you the convenience you need while cruising through snow-you can change music, listen to calls without even taking out your device.

The earbuds are sweat resistant and can also withstand extremely low temperatures of up to -20 degrees Celsius to -40 degrees Celsius. It’s a great all-rounder for people looking for handiness and easy controls. We love how all the features are designed to keep a snowboarder’s convenience in mind.

  • Weather-proof
  • 40 mm drivers for clear audio
  • Helmet compatibility
  • Glove-friendly controls

3. Bose Soundsport Wireless

The Bose Soundsport wireless earbuds tick all the boxes for them to be the ideal earbuds for snowboarding. What we love is that there are no wires getting in the way to enjoy its incredible audio experience. Moreover, it is designed to provide a good and secure fit.

The earbuds are weather and sweat proof so they will work under harsh climates too. With a long lasting battery and inline mic, you can enjoy the earbuds to the fullest while snowboarding.

  • Silicon material for easy and secure fit
  • Inline mic and remote
  • Weather resistant
  • 6-hour long lasting battery

4. Bose Quietcomfort Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Bose does it again, but this time with noise cancelling earbuds that are perfect for your snowboarding needs. There is the option for Alexa enabled voice access, allowing you to change music or place calls without taking out your music source or phone.

It has a higher battery life than other options, which makes it both reliable and hassle-free. You can even alternate between the noise cancellation feature and switch it on or off at your convenience.

  • 20 Hour battery life
  • NFC and Bluetooth technology
  • Noise rejecting microphone system
  • Lightweight

5. SENSO Bluetooth Headphones

Designed for your sporting needs, these wireless headphones ensure an easy and comfortable fit. It is built with state-of-the-art acoustic components, so if you’re looking for a heightened auditory experience, this is the right product for you.

The earbuds are waterproof and provide a tangle-free listening experience with noise suppression technology as well.

  • IPX-7 Waterproof rating
  • Ergonomic fit
  • CVC 6.0 Noise cancelling technology
  • 8 hour long battery life

What to Consider When Buying Earbuds for Snowboarding

Since earbuds have become an integral part of the snowboarding experience, you’ll find plenty of options I the market. But don’t let fancy sales talk woo you into buying a set that’s not good for you. Here are a few characteristics of the best earbuds for snowboarding.


This is arguably the most important characteristic you need in your earbuds. To ensure safety, wireless earbuds are always a better option as you could incur the risk of an accident if the wires of your earbud get tangled in your gear. This will obviously also adversely affect your performance during competitions, and that’s just not what you want.

Invest in wireless earbuds that provide you convenience and enhanced safety. With this, you’ll be able to concentrate on the task at hand instead of trying to get the wires away from your gear.


One of the reasons why people prefer earbuds for snowboarding is that it helps to block out external noise, helping you concentrate better. So if an earbud doesn’t block out noise from outside, it defeats half the purpose of getting earbuds in the first place.

Many of the best earbuds for snowboarding come with noise-cancelling features, which come especially handy during competitions when your focus needs to be intact.

In-Line Mic

Another useful feature for earbuds should be inline controls that you can operate without taking out your music source. When you’re cruising at high speeds, it can be a distraction for you to take out your music source to change the track.

This feature also comes in handy in case you get injured. You can answer a call without touching your phone and potentially save your life.

Weather-Proof and Durable

It is inevitable that you may fall during your snowboarding escapades. This effectively means that your device will take a hit too. Therefore, it needs to be durable enough to withstand the impact and not break or get damaged at the very first fall.

In any case, if you are buying earbuds, you’d want them to last you a long time to come, and when it comes to the best earbuds for snowboarding, an extreme sport, your earbuds need to be weather-proof and sturdy.

Our Final Thoughts

The best earbuds for snowboarding ensure a comfortable fit, weather resistance, automatic controls and noise cancellation quality is a plus. When you’re making the purchase, you need to decide which your top priority is: an incredible auditory experience, blocking out noise, or both, and then proceed with the purchase.

In our opinion, the Bose Quietcomfort is a great option as it has all the features you need for an incredible snowboarding experience.

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