Best Countries for Skiing

Best Countries for Skiing

Are you planning to go on a skiing vacation this winter? There are many things to consider when deciding where you want to go for the best skiing experience. More than just the snow and the slopes, the quality of the resorts, the culture of the country, the hotels, and the food all play a big part in making your skiing vacation memorable and exciting.

The 10 Best Countries for Skiing

There are so many incredible places in the world to choose from for your skiing vacation. Traveling to a new, far-off country can be one of the best experiences of your life! We’ve put together a list of the top 10 best countries for skiing that will tick all your boxes. Take a look at our list, and hopefully, you’ll pick one of these countries to visit.

1. France

Any avid skier will tell you that France is one of the best countries for skiing. The French Alps host a number of excellent ski resorts, any one of which could be your pick for a perfect skiing vacation. France has the most beautiful scenery, amazing cuisine, and the most important part, the Alps!

The Chamonix Resort is an excellent choice if you’re looking for risky and challenging skiing terrain. The resort has around 300 acres of land to ski on and 11 different ski areas on which to really solidify your skiing skills. Chamonix also has incredible nightlife with music and bars.

The Les Arcs resort in Savoie is one of the best skiing resorts in the world. Les Arcs has an excellent ski school and has terrain that is suitable for beginners and families. If you’re planning a family vacation, you may want to check it out. The resort comprises 4 small villages that have an array of restaurants, bars, and spas.

2. Canada

When you think of skiing and snow, Canada is one of the first places that comes to mind. There is a guarantee of deep fluffy snow, great resorts, and very hospitable people.

The Whistler Resort is the country’s largest resort in Canada, combining the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains to make up 8000 acres of skiing terrain. There is a good combination of runs suited to beginners as well as expert skiers. The Blackcomb ski and snowboard school has an excellent reputation and would be perfect for a family to go.

Sun Peaks is another ski resort in Canada you may want to consider for a family ski vacation. Sun Peaks is known for its world-class ski school, so you know that you and your family will be looked after. It is the second-largest ski resort in British Columbia and has skiing terrain that is well suited for beginners, intermediate skiers, as well as expert skiers. There are great restaurants and cafes, and also a nightclub.

3. Switzerland

The Swiss Alps are a sight to behold and put Switzerland up there on the list of best countries for skiing. The terrain is unmatched, and the winter ski season continues into spring.

St Moritz is one of the ski resorts in the world and has diverse terrain and a high average snowfall. A network of trails runs across the country, and skiers can enjoy long peaceful runs. There is also a vibrant and exciting nightlife to take advantage of, with luxury restaurants and lots of bars and casinos!

St Moritz is a little on the expensive side when it comes to ski resorts, but if you’re willing to cash out on the perfect vacation, then you don’t want to miss it!

4. Austria

Austria is one of Europe’s best places to visit, whether for skiing or just a regular vacation. It is an incredibly beautiful place and has such a rich culture.

Austria’s Kitzbuhel has been ranked as one of the top skiing destinations in the world. You may be interested to know that Kitzbuhel is where skiing originated, and it continues to host a number of winter sports events. Kitzbuhel is famous for its amazing terrain and top-quality infrastructure, with over 1400 acres of skiing land! Other than the skiing, Kitzbuhel offers an amazing look at a historic Austrian town with beautiful architecture.

St Anton is another Austrian ski resort worth noting. It is absolutely beautiful, with breathtaking views and 1100 acres of the ski area. There are few runs for beginners, but the ski school at St Anon has an excellent reputation.

5. Italy

Italy is on almost everybody’s list of places they want to visit. The beautiful cities, the art and culture, and the excellent cuisine are all some of the reasons why Italy is a place everybody should want to go to.

Cortina d’Ampezzo is one of the best ski resorts in the Dolomites and has amazing rolling hills, lakes, forests, and strong mountains. The resort is very peaceful and great for long, relaxing runs on easy terrain. It is especially best suited for beginners and intermediate-level skiers. The resort town is very glamorous and can be great for a vacation where you want to spoil yourself with the best!

Val Gardena is another Dolomites resort with great terrain and breathtaking views and is perfect for a family ski vacation.

6. Andorra

Andorra is one of the lesser-known countries in Europe but shouldn’t be overlooked when it comes to skiing destinations. The country has a number of ski resorts worth noting and some of the best ski schools as well.

The Grandvalira Ski Resort in Andorra is a world-class resort made up of three smaller resorts:  Soldeu, El Tarter, and Pas de la Casa. Together these three make up the biggest resort in the Pyrenees and in Southern Europe. Grandvalira is an excellent choice for any skier, no matter their level of skill. There is a wide range of terrains, and different facilities including ski schools available. There are six interconnected ski areas, and beginners can ski in all six locations. Soldeu and El Tarter also have a bustling nightlife and a whole host of entertainment and recreational activities.

7. Finland

If you’re looking for a family-friendly place for a ski vacation, you’ll definitely want to think about visiting Finland. The country is also very appealing for those of us who are interested in cross-country skiing.

The World Cup Alpine Races are held at Finland’s Levi ski resort, making it the country’s most popular resort and growing quickly in popularity. Levi ski resort is one of the most beautiful places in Lapland and has crisp, clean air like no other place else. It is located in the north of the country and gets long days of sunlight for those skiers who want to go on long runs under the bright sky.

Levi’s international ski school has courses specially designed for different skill levels and has programs for children as well. This may be the perfect place to go for your family ski vacation.

8. Norway

Norway is an incredible country with gorgeous terrain and rich Nordic and Scandinavian culture. Other than offering the breathtaking Northern Lights, Norway is a skiing destination you will definitely want to try.

Hemsedal is a ski resort where you can experience Scandinavian high-altitude skiing. The resort gets 118 inches of snow on average and is perfect for smooth runs. There is a good mix of ski runs for skiers of every skill set and children. If you’re looking for cross-country skiing and ski-touring, then Hemsedal is the place to go.

The Hemsedal resort village is one of the best places to party! The weekends can be spent at numerous bars, nightclubs and dance floors. There are also some amazing restaurants to choose from, as well as cafes, delis and places for burgers and pizzas.

9. Japan

Japan is famous for its extensive culture and beautiful sights. It’s impossible not to fall in love with the blooming pink and white cherry blossoms down every street. Japan is also the technological hub of the world. What you may not have known, however, is that Japan is also one of the best countries for skiing.

Rusutsu Hokkaido is a medium-sized, probably unassuming resort. But what makes it special is that it gets the finest, light, dry snow. Hokkaido gets up to 500 inches of snow annually, which makes for an amazing time skiing. The resort has 37 trails and is very family-friendly. The ski lifts are fun, and the learning area is great for your kids.

The resort also gives you a great insight into Japanese culture as you can visit the village at the mountain base. The village has many restaurants with authentic Japanese cuisine, as well as authentic izakaya style bars.

10. USA

Last but not least, the USA is one of the best countries for skiing in the world. We’ve put the US last on our list because it is likely that some of you have already visited the different skiing locations in the country and are maybe looking for a foreign country to go to on vacation.

Let’s still have a run-down of the top skiing resorts in the US.

Park City, Utah, has over 7000 acres of skiing terrain with steep slopes and high summits. About half of the runs are good for lesser-skilled skiers, and the rest are great for more expert and advanced skiers.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming, offers 2500 acres of skiing terrain with steep slopes and challenging runs. Jackson Hole may not be the best option if you want to go on vacation with your children. But if you’re thinking of doing a solo trip and want to put your skiing skills to the test, then you definitely want to check it out!

Our Final Thoughts

When you’re planning your ski vacation, you may want to pick a location depending on a number of different factors. Are you a seasoned skier or mostly a beginner? This will tell you if you should go to a resort with easier or more challenging terrains. Are you going with your children? If yes, then pick a resort that has a school and offers training for kids.

Are you interested in just skiing, or would you like to experience some culture as well? If you want culture, try someplace like Japan or Italy! How much money have you got to spend? Some of the places we’ve mentioned are a bit more on the expensive side. There is so much to consider!

When you have a better idea about how you want your ski vacation to plan out, you can comb through our top picks for skiing destinations and find the perfect place for you!

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